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‘We all have a role to play in creating a healthier nation’ |11 April 2023

“On the occasion of World Health Day on April 7, I fervently renew the commitment of my government to continue to improve the health of our nation and our health services through sustained investments and health worker training and development.

“This year for its 75th anniversary, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has chosen a theme which calls on its member states to strengthen primary health care so as to consolidate the resilience of the health system. WHO has long envisioned primary health care as the linchpin of the health system.

“I salute the director general, the regional director, the WHO representative and WHO staff in Seychelles for their untiring commitment to the cause of health and I acknowledge how much I value the many decades of close and fruitful partnership between Seychelles and the World Health Organisation.

“The work of the World Health Organisation touches the lives of every Seychellois and visitor to Seychelles. 75 years after its creation, WHO is more relevant than ever, as the world and Seychelles face countless challenges – the pandemic of non-communicable diseases, the emergence and reemergence of infectious diseases, climate change, and the inequity in the distribution of the benefits of modern medicine and health care. Health for All is not yet a reality for many.

“Health development in Seychelles has been significantly inspired and supported by the World Health Organisation. We have accomplished much in building a responsive and resilient health system. We have a solid primary health care system that ensures that every Seychellois has access to health care. We have the capacity to respond rapidly to emerging health threats, because we have invested in creating the necessary institutions and in training health professionals.

“While acknowledging the need to address the shortcomings of our health services, we should be proud of our health workers who deserve our utmost respect and support. We must also understand that we all have a role to play in creating a healthier nation.

“In the pursuit of better health for all Seychellois, we are assured of the steadfast partnership with WHO and the support of its experts. We are also committed to supporting the work of WHO and making our modest contribution to its success.

“April 7 is also for us a recognition and celebration of the work of our devoted and hard-working health workers. To all health professionals and all of you who devote your lives to the care of others, whether in the hospital, the health centre, or in the community and homes, I express my profound admiration and thanks. I wish you all Happy Health Workers Day and World Health Day.”


Wavel Ramkalawan

President of the Republic of Seychelles

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