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National Assembly

MNAs take part in climate change workshop |27 September 2019

MNAs take part in climate change workshop

A partial view of delegates at the workshop

Members of the National Assembly took part in a workshop on climate change held last Friday at the Eden Bleu Hotel.

Organised jointly by the European Union (EU) and funded by the Seychelles Global Climate Change Alliance project and the UNDP funded Ecosystems- based Adaptation (EbA) project, the morning sessions involved factual presentations on the impacts of climate change in Seychelles and the importance of political will in order to not only mitigate the effects but also finding sustainable solutions to the issues that have already become a challenge.

The session also involved a presentation on the sustainability audit that was carried out at the National Assembly early in 2019 by Sustainability for Seychelles (S4S), coining the National Assembly as a key institution that is leading in sustainably reducing its environment impact by its current ongoing green campaign.

Ultimately the power to mitigate and adapt to climate change lies with the public, but parliament plays an essential role in representing short and long-term interests, leading the public in change, promoting green policies and holding the executive to account.

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