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Registered vegetable and fruit vendors receive their t-shirts and badges |17 March 2023

Registered vegetable and fruit vendors receive their t-shirts and badges

Group photo of the vendors and officials

Representatives of Enterprise Seychelles Agency (Esa) and of the Ministry of Local Government and Community Affairs (MLGCA) presented eight registered fruit and vegetable vendors at Beau Vallon with their badges and t-shirts.

This took place during a short ceremony on Wednesday this week.

As was publicly announced in early February 2023, a registration deadline was set for March 2023, for all fruit and vegetable vendors at the Beau Vallon site.

Upon completion and approval of the registration, the vendors received a badge for identification purposes and will need to wear a t-shirt as a uniform when carrying out business in that location.

This activity was done to ensure that the vendors are regulated and operating in an ethical manner.

Present at the ceremony were Margaret Rose, Harris Adela and Sharon Charles from Esa, the DG at MLGCA, Denise Clarisse, the former district administrator (DA) for Beau Vallon, Crystel Williams, and the current DA Kenneth Pierre.

As part of their agreement with Esa, the vendors will need to abide by specific regulations such as:

  • Keeping the allocated area clean at all times;
  • Disposing of all waste in appropriate bins (where necessary);
  • Wearing appropriate clothing;
  • Permit any relevant assigned officials to conduct an inspection of the premise and products at any given time;
  • Construction of any structure on the premises is not allowed;
  • A good level of hygiene must be kept at all times when conducting business;
  • Must keep document or receipt of goods at all times as proof of purchase.

During the ceremony, Ms Rose reiterated the importance of vendors wearing their badges at all times, as proof of registration.

To ensure that the measures are being respected at all times, the police department and Esa will carry out regular inspections in the area. Legal actions will be taken against vendors who are not able to provide proof of their registration and against vendors who fail to provide proof of acquisition of their supplies.


Press release from the Ministry of Investment, Entrepreneurship and Industry

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