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Cycling: 80km road race |01 March 2023

Cycling: 80km road race

JAYDEN SINON … 80km race winner

Jayden Sinon sprints to victory in race number two

  • Vélo Club de l’Ouest maintain best team record

Jayden Sinon is the grand winner of the second race of the season, sprinting to victory in the 80km road race hosted by the Seychelles Cycling Association on Saturday, while for the second consecutive time, his team ‒ Vélo Club de l’Ouest (VCDL) ‒ emerged as the best.

For Sunday’s 80km road race which started at Roche Caïman, the cyclists cruised downtown to Persévérance, before covering the northern coast via Anse Etoile, Glacis, Beau Vallon, before making a U-turn at ‘Dan Zil’ Bel Ombre, and taking the same route down.

Once at Anse Etoile, instead of going to Persévérance, the riders cruised straight down via English River, Bois de Rose, up the Providence Highway, Anse Aux Pins, Au Cap, up to the Anse Royale district administration office, where they turned and returned via the same course to each the finish line at Roche Caïman where the race had begun.

Sinon clocked 2 hours, 10 minutes 54 second (2h10:54) to finish first, outsprinting Julian Pool of the Northern Cycling Riders (NCR) and teammate Ahmad Arissol who were second and third respectively, also in 2h10:54.

Mario Ernesta of NCR finished fourth overall in 2h12:00, ahead of Stephane Belle of VCDL who was fifth in 2h13:56, the same time as NCR’s Ricky Rosalie who was sixth overall.

With a time of 2h14:04, Bertrand Lesperance of Option Max Cycling Club (OMCC) finished seventh, ahead of eighth-placed teammate Leeroy Labiche who recorded the same time.

Sebastien Florentine of the VCDL was ninth overall in 2h14:05, finishing ahead of Edrick Roucou of NCR who was 10th overall, also in 2h14:05.

Chris Uzice of the VCDL Academy was the 11th cyclist to cross the finish line, registering a time of 2h14:07, the same time as teammate Jahdel Gabriel who finished 12th.

With a time of 2h29:27, Yohan Monthy of the OMCC took the 13th spot, ahead Edward Pothin of One Shot Pain Cycling Club (OSPCC) who finished 14th overall.

Lauren Jacques of the VCDL Academy clocked 2h29:33 to finish 15th, ahead of OMCC’s Jeff Esparon and OSPCC’s Dominic Arrisol who were 16th and 17th respectively, also in 2h29:33.

Trevor Malvina of the VCDL Academy was the last cyclist to cross the finish line, completing the 80km distance in 2h29:37.

As for Jude Hoareau of OMCC, he did not complete the race.

With an accumulated time of 6h35:44, VCDL finished as the best team, ahead of NCR who accumulated 6h36:50.

With a total time of 6h57:35, OMCC finished third overall, ahead the VCDL Academy whose total was 7h13:17.


Complete results of the 80km road race

  1. Jayden Sinon – VCDL (2h10:54)
  2. Julian Pool – NCR (2h10:54)
  3. Ahmad Arissol – (2h10:54)
  4. Mario Ernesta – NCR (2h12:00)
  5. Stephane Belle – VCDL (2h13:56)
  6. Ricky Rosalie – NCR ( 2h13:56)
  7. Bertrand Lesperance – OMCC ( 2h14:04)
  8. Leeroy Labiche –OMCC (2h14:04)
  9. Sebastien Florentine – VCDL ( 2h14:05)
  10. Edrick Roucou – NCR (2h14:05)
  11. Chris Uzice – VCDL Academy (2h14:07)
  12. Jahdel Gabriel – VCDL Academy (2h14:07)
  13. Yohan Monthy – OMCC (2h29:27)
  14. Edward Pothin – OSPCC (2h29:33)
  15. Lauren Jacques – VCDL Academy (2h29:33)
  16. Jeff Esparon – OMCC ( 2h29:33)
  17. Dominic Arrisol – OSPCC (2h29:33)
  18. Trevor Malvina – VCDL Academy (2h29:37)

Team results

1. VCDL – 6h35:44

2. NCR – 6h36:50

3. OMCC – 6h57:35

4. VCDL Academy –7h13:17


Roland Duval



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