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Health ministry clears cloxacillin and lifts alert |04 February 2023

As of yesterday, Friday February 3, the Ministry of Health has officially lifted the alert and recall on cloxacillin.

“Results of all investigations conducted show absolutely no anomaly with that particular medicine,” says Dr Danny Louange, chief executive of the Health Care Agency.

“Insofar as cloxacillin is concerned, the leadership of the ministry has now determined that the country can return to normal,” he states.

“We thank the public for their remarkable collaboration,” he concludes.

The Ministry of Health imposed the alert and recall on cloxacillin in the evening of Saturday January 14, following unrelated clinical incidents that warranted further investigations.

As the ministry lifts the alert on cloxacillin, it reminds the public that some people may be allergic to some medicines, including antibiotics. Patients need to know what medicines they are allergic to, if they have any allergy, and must share this information with their caregivers.

The ministry takes this opportunity to urge medical practitioners in the public and private sectors to always show caution and restraints with regard to prescribing antibiotics in order to prevent antimicrobial resistance.


Press release from the Ministry of Health

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