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President satisfied with ongoing projects on Praslin and La Digue |27 January 2023

President satisfied with ongoing projects on Praslin and La Digue

Patsy Canaya


President Wavel Ramkalawan has said he is satisfied with progress made on five ongoing projects on Praslin and three on La Digue, following a one-day visit yesterday to these two islands.

The president’s first stop was on Praslin where he was greeted by the three members of the National Assembly – Wavel Woodcock (Linyon Demokratik Seselwa - LDS), elected member for Grand Anse), Doyace Poris (LDS proportionate member) and Churchill Gill (United Seychelles elected member for Baie Ste Anne), Praslin’s liaison officer Vincent Cedras, and the district administrators for Grand Anse and Baie Ste Anne ‒ Michael Jean-Louis and Denis Antat respectively.

In Grand Anse Praslin, the delegation visited the Stad Amitié, Seychelles Trading Company (STC) and fishermen facilities sites, and the photovoltaic (PV) project in the Vallée De Mai junction, along the Grand Anse bay area.

In Baie Ste Anne, the head of state toured the photovoltaic project at Marie-Jeanne Estate, the ‘Kato Nwanr’ project and the market facilities being undertaken by the Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA).

Regarding the PV project, President Ramkalawan visited the sites where the equipment will be installed for a 10-megawatt plant in Baie Ste Anne and a five megawatt plant in Grand Anse Praslin.

Seychelles started discussions on its renewable programme in October last year with Masdar, an energy company based in the United Arab Emirates.

“There are still some work to be done in Grand Anse, specifically at the stadium and the airport areas. However, with regard to the bay area, at the Vallée de Mai junction, we can install a 5-megawatt plant straight away, that would be able to cover the Grand Anse area,” explained President Ramkalawan.

A 10-megawatt plant is earmarked for Baie Ste Anne.

The president also expressed satisfaction with work at the new Baie Ste Anne jetty passenger terminal, whose inauguration will be done on February 10 and the Kato Nwanr project development which includes a marina, with more berthing space.

“We have seen that the plots are being cleared, meaning those who have already expressed interest to have a business in the area will know exactly where they will be located. From what I have heard, there has been a lot of interest to date and the Seychelles Ports Authority will soon hold its meeting to discuss the marina side of the project,” said Mr Ramkalawan.

During yesterday’s tour, the president and his delegation also visited the former STC venue, to see how it could be put to good use.

He said so far the proposal is to have part of the building dedicated to athletes, where they would have a proper gymnasium while the remaining bit is reserved for small businesses.

Mr Ramkalawan also stopped at the new market, where work had stalled, to see progress being made there.

“It stalled because PUC (Public Utilities Corporation) wanted to build a sub-station as well and we wanted to see how we could combine the two. Or else it would have been completed by now. But since we have to combine the two, work was delayed but we are now on the final bit, as all obstacles have been eliminated,” he said.

While in Baie Ste Anne, President Ramkalawan also received the key from a Praslin resident, who had swapped his property with the government, for the location of a newer and more spacious police station on the island.

President Ramkalawan also conducted a surprise visit to Grand Anse secondary school to deliver words of encouragement to the students at the start of the new school year and to congratulate 13-year-old windsurfer Jules Kandasamy on his recent good performance during the Mahe-Praslin crossing.

The team then travelled to La Digue where they were greeted by the liaison officer for the island, Loncey Micock, and the district administrator Barbara Barallon. There they visited the port project, the hospital and the photovoltaic project in l’Union Estate.

“At the port, everything is on schedule, and the opening ceremony will take place next month. The new port provides a separate area for cargo and passengers, and of course a separate area for Seypec,” President Ramkalawan stated while expressing his satisfaction with the project.

Along the way he also checked on renovation of the police station, where he said everything was also going according to plan, and the project will be completed in February, allowing the police officers to move into their new facility.

At St Mary’s hospital, the president announced that the hospital will be completed by August 15 next year and the government was already checking out avenues to acquire the necessary equipment, so that they will be ready at the same time.

He also said there might be a slight change to the mortuary as they plan to include a parlour, which is spacious enough to accommodate mourners.

Regarding the PV project at l’Union, Mr Ramkalawan said they have been able to agree together with the l’Union Estate authority where to install the 2-megawatt plant in the area.

The president and his delegation returned to Mahé late yesterday afternoon.

The accompanying photos show some highlights of President Ramkalawan’s visits to Praslin and La Digue yesterday.


Patsy Canaya

Photo credits: State House





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