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The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Seychelles |01 June 2019

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award Seychelles

22 high achievers receive their gold standard award


Twenty-two determined and enterprising young men and women received their gold standard award yesterday after successfully completing the Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award.

They are the 10th cohort to earn the gold standard since the re-introduction of the Duke of Edinburgh’s International programme in 2000.

The new gold standard award holders were presented with their pins and certificates by President Danny Faure – who is the patron of the programme - during a brief ceremony at State House in the presence of their families.

Also in attendance were Vice-President Vincent Meriton, Minister for Education and Human Resource Development Jeanne Simeon, British high commissioner Caron Röshler, Commissioner of Police Kishnan Labonte, Chief of Defence Forces Colonel Clifford Roseline and members of the National Awards Authority.

In his speech, the chairman of the National Awards Authority and principal secretary for youths and sports, Fabian Palmyre, noted that the award is well suited to address the challenges faced by youths given that its primary objective is focused on creating the environment and opportunity for youths to develop healthy lifestyles and good values.

In the last 10 years the Duke of Edinburgh’s international award has helped mould a total of 6177 young people of whom 894 attained the bronze level, 454 the silver and 217 the gold standard.

Mr Palmyre noted that thanks to its dedicated award leaders, the programme is doing “a fantastic work” but however noted that the programme’s recipients need to contribute more towards the wellbeing of other young people.

In that respect, he urged the awardees present as well as past recipients to become active members of the Gold Award Holders Association (GAHA) and other organisations working with or for the youths.

“By all means, please do something that is in line with your passion, with your interest. But please do something that will help make a difference,” Mr Palmyre said.

He stressed that the programme’s activities such as service, development of skills, physical recreations, adventurous journeys and residential projects have all been designed to equip them for such a task.

The ceremony concluded with a vote of thanks by Darius Talma, one of the recipients, followed by refreshments.

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