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National Assembly

IAC discusses Seychelles-Cuba diplomatic relations |20 September 2019

The International Affairs Committee (IAC) of the National Assembly, meeting in a normal session this week, discussed the diplomatic relations between Cuba and Seychelles and the cooperation programmes presently ongoing.

The assistance in the field of medical services was particularly reviewed as this forms the most important element of the cooperation agreement between our two countries and for which the National Assembly of Seychelles offers its full support.

In a statement released following the meeting, the IAC writes:

“The IAC members unanimously recognised the benefits for Seychelles of this agreement and expressed their desire to see the perusal and expansion of the programme in the years ahead.

“The committee further recommended that the Seychelles ambassador in Havana (Lalatiana Accouche) discuss the subject at the first available opportunity with the Cuban authorities with the view of renewing a long-term agreement in this domain.

“The IAC was informed of criticisms recently leveled at the Cuban authorities on the matter of conditions of employment and treatment of Cuban doctors posted overseas. This, the IAC concluded, provided an opportunity for the Seychelles and Cuban authorities to discuss the matter and find ways to improve the terms of the programme, for the benefit of all parties.”

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