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The Women’s Parliamentary Caucus visits the Butterfly Daycare at St Elizabeth |06 December 2022

The Women’s Parliamentary Caucus visits the Butterfly Daycare at St Elizabeth

As part of its mandate to encourage and advocate in favour of children and families, the Women’s Parliamentary Caucus (WPC) of the National Assembly recently visited the Butterfly Daycare at the St Elizabeth Convent.

Celine Adela, who manages the daycare, gave the committee a tour of the facility and explained how the daycare has been in use since the 1970s.

The day care is located at a focal point which is near the bus station and caters for a maximum of 50 children from around Mahé even as far as Takamaka.

Its operating time is from 7am to 5pm but are flexible to parents who are running late.

Mrs Adela also explained that the facility could cater for more children however they had to close down the main part – 3 big rooms – because it is unsafe.  

The chairperson of the WPC, Hon. Regina Esparon, explained that the committee will follow up with the Institute for Early Childhood Development (IECD) on the future plans of the daycare and to seek further advice on how non-governmental organisations and the private sector can help in assisting the daycare.

The WPC also took this time to pay a little visit to the elderly women living in the home and interacted with Norlis Rose, the property manager and the nuns of the St Elizabeth convent.

The visit ended with a little donation by the members of the WPC.

Other members of the Caucus present at the visit were, the vice-chairperson, Hon. Audrey Vidot, Hon. Sylvanne Lemiel, Hon. Flory Larue, Hon. Desheila Bastienne and Hon. Kelly Samynadin.

The accompanying photos show highlights of the visit.


Press release from the National Assembly secretariat

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