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Karate More team-building activities within Ashihara karate |26 November 2022

Karate  More team-building activities within Ashihara karate

The Ashihara karate school recently held another hiking activity where at least 25 of its members walked all the way from the Mont Fleuri dojo via Forêt Noire, Sans Soucis, St Louis and down to the Beau Vallon beach where they spent the afternoon.

According to senpai Martin Lebon, the organiser, this time the participants included some senior members and one grandmother who managed to complete the hike without difficulties.

The highlight of the walk was at the beach where they engaged in some light training before proceeding to swim, play volleyball and other fun activities till around 5pm when they left.

Senpai Martin said these events are great ways to socialise and bring parents and people aspiring to join the school to know more about the other members including the instructors themselves, away from the dojo and the usual hard training activity.

Ashihara karate is a modern style, created out of the need for a more practical system of karate that takes into account the realities of today's world with a dynamic approach to training.

The katas are all fighting oriented and more importantly, functional, practical and effective.

Senpai Martin noted that the children like the training because it gives them confidence not only to deal with bullies, but also to perhaps escape from would-be kidnappers.

He also added that there is a team leaving for Cape Town, South Africa to take part in a training camp and tournament in December, so activities like these help keep their morale high and promote teamwork.

The Ashihara school teaches self-defence to women, accommodates older athletes, as well as anyone physically challenged.

The school has dojos at Anse Royale school and Mont Fleuri on Mahe, and one dojo on La Digue. Interested individuals can check out their website and Facebook page for information.

A member of the Seychelles Karate Federation, he Ashihara karate school is headed by Shihan Egbert Moustache and is affiliated to Ashihara Karate International based in South Africa.

The Instructors at the school would like to thank all the members, parents and individuals who assisted in making this important fun event a complete success.


Compiled by Roland Duval


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