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International Men’s Day |19 November 2022

International Men’s Day

Kevin Quatre, Roddy Prosper, Richard Agricole, Nilsen Laurence, Mick Hoareau, Herve Bacco

Men of the Judiciary: Leading by example


“What makes a man a role model?” Men of the Judiciary share their views and experiences to commemorate International Men’s Day celebrated yearly on November 19, which serves to raise awareness on their positive contributions to society, their mental health and wellbeing.


“As a Court Orderly, I’m required to be exemplary, disciplined, and good with people. As it turns out, I am that kind of person. In the community, I do my very best to keep good relations with everyone, and to promote peace. I try setting a good example for others, especially young people, by not staying in the streets drinking and smoking like so many do today.” Stephan Evenor, Court Orderly


“Lead by example. Don’t bother telling your kids or people around how to do things if you don’t do it yourself, or if you do the opposite. Don’t lecture. Show people through your actions.” Kevin Quatre, Transport Officer


“I always strive to live and apply a clear set of beliefs and values, resulting in fostering passion in what I do and having the ability to inspire others to drive and deliver their best version. I encourage others including my family to live with integrity, optimism, hope, determination, and compassion. My word of advice is to work towards a healthy lifestyle by eating well and exercising regularly.” Paul Derjacques, Director of Operations and Logistics


“My commitment at work makes me a role model, as I have a long service of 26 years at the Judiciary. Family time on weekends is important to me as well, taking my family on island tour drives.”Nilsen Laurence, Transport Officer


“I’d say you have to put God first, and that prayer is key. I always ask God to help me before I start each day, and this helps me to be humble always. Male role models are humble.” Roddy Prosper, Transport Officer


“Always be ready to give a helping hand, be responsible, and give advice to others. As a married man with a baby on the way, I can say family life is a rewarding experience and a chance to be a role model too.” Mick Hoareau, Transport Officer


“Speaking as a father, I’d say men should train their children the right way so that when they are older, they will never depart from it. Always humble yourself wherever you go.” Richard Agricole, Transport Officer


“You have to be positive every day. Learn to listen above all else! Help those around you who are growing up. Family time is also crucial; I like to take my family fishing and it is a great bonding moment.” Herve Bacco, Transport Officer


“Being a role model is a very big shoe to fill, and something to be taken seriously indeed. A child’s earliest role model is usually his/her father, so a man cannot be a role model to others without first being one to his children. He teaches his children moral values, self-esteem, empathy, decency, strength of character, industriousness, and how to treat people well. Being a role model begins at home, and then is carried over to the workplace and community. I, and indeed every man, should strive towards encompassing the above mentioned qualities, and be looked up to by those in his home, his workplace and his community. And if I am regarded as a role model I would consider it the highest compliment.” Lionel Garrick, Director for Legal Affairs



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