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Walk-a-thon raises awareness of diabetes |14 November 2022

Walk-a-thon raises awareness of diabetes

A souvenir photograph before the march

To commemorate World Diabetes Day, which falls on November 14, the Diabetic Society of Seychelles organised its annual diabetes awareness walk last Saturday.

A decent group of people from all strata of society came for the walk that started at Stad Popiler in town at 8.45 and back to the starting point. From Stad Popiler, the marchers headed towards the Clock Tower, Royal Street, Quincy Street, Olivier Maradam Street, Constitution Avenue via roundabout at STC Hypermarket to SITE at Mont Fleuri and back to Stad Popiler.

The Diabetic Society of Seychelles as part of its annual event organises the WALK-A-THON in and around town to sensitize the general public and also to raise funds for the association to be used in the prevention and control of diabetes in our country.

The walk was followed by a free health screening for common NCDs such as diabetes, hypertension, obesity and eye check-up at Dr Murthy’s clinic.

Dr Murthy, the chairperson of the Diabetic Society of Seychelles, noted that the walk is part of the global diabetic walk that happens around the world which is an initiative of the World Diabetic Foundation.

“In Seychelles, we all know that diabetes are increasing among the population. We all should know the risk factors of diabetes such as lack of exercise, sedentary lifestyle and generally our diet. Too much of anything is bad for our health. For prevention, you have to watch all this. People’s lifestyle has completely changed and the figures we have date 12 years ago and it already shows a prevalence of 12% of people living with diabetes. The Ministry of Health is in the process of doing a new study and definitely we expect an increase. But unfortunately, there are many people who do not know their status, that is why screening is crucial.”

Taking part in the march was the chief executive of the Health Care Agency, Dr Danny Louange. Himself a promoter of healthy lifestyle, Dr Louange sent a message to all: “My message for all the people in Seychelles is to be aware that diabetes can lead to serious complications. There are many people living with diabetes and it is a matter a controlling the sugar level to prevent complications such as blindness, kidney failure, amputation, heart attack and stroke among others. Whether we are diabetic or non-diabetic, we all have to make an effort to help especially those who are diabetic and to encourage them. For that, we will be a happier nation!”

Dr Satyen Shah, owner of the revival centre at Petit Paris, participated in the walk-a-thon and said diabetes run in the families whose members do not even walk. “If they do not walk, diabetes run in the family! We want to encourage walking and stay healthy. The most common issue with diabetes is how the foot gets affected and people should be careful. We have been working with these clients by using ozone therapy.”

Louisa Dodo, a frequent participant in these walks, shared that she has been living with diabetes for the last 15 years and she is very careful with her diet and takes her medicine regularly.

“There are many of us Seychellois who have diabetes but I feel they are shy to come forward to seek for help. This walk is once a year and I encourage the diabetic patients to participate in the various activities to get more knowledge of how to control the sugar level in our body.”

During the event, the Seychelles Centennial Women Lions Club made a donation to the Diabetic society of Seychelles and they also participated in the event.

Life is not over when you find out you are diabetic, actually seize every moment to make the most out of it.


Vidya Gappy

Photos: Joena Meme




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