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Paradise FM’s Chart Attack   |03 October 2022

Lakle remains top as show enters new season


The new Paradise FM Chart Attack season 2023 may have just kicked off last week, but Daniel’s Lakle remains at the top of the charts.

The much-appreciated love song is currently is its ninth week on the chart, and has for the entire duration retained the top spot, securing the maximum number of votes from the public.

The songster’s other hit Drive has slid down to third, from second spot last week. Drive is currently the longest running tune on the chart show, having been featured for a whopping 22 weeks. It secured number one spot for nine weeks, as well.

Quite a number of movements have happened during the past week, as music fans voted four new entries in, causing some changes all over.

Cus Mun’s Lenerzi Mazikal has managed to climb from seventh to second position, in its 11th week on the show.

In fourth and fifth positions are two new entries this time, as Jean Jahrimba’s upbeat, dancehall-style gospel Sa Ki Mon Ladan securing fourth spot, followed by You Are, a collaboration between BreyInReveye and Ion Kid in fifth position.

Daniel’s presence is as strong on the lower end, as it is at the top of the charts. Although Zistans slid down from third to sixth position, it has featured on the chart for a comfortable 17 weeks. Leson, his debut song sang with Reggae artist Auspicious also made it to number eight as compared to ninth position last week, in its 21st week on the show. The fan favourite made it to number one for four weeks.

Sliding from fourth position to seventh is SS Gang’s Ou’n detri li, whose run on the chart has lasted 12 weeks so far.

Both ninth and 10th positions are occupied by new entries, as Keartsea racked up enough votes to make it to ninth spot with OumBada Eh, while Falaine and Gunz’s Kominikasyon has secured 10th spot.

The Chart Attack show is sponsored by Cat Cocos, and is voted for by the public. The chart show is aired weekly, on Sundays on Paradise FM.

Voting time: ‘Chicco dan Paradi’ ‒ 10am to 11am, Cus Mun’s ‘En pti pe dan tou’ – 2pm to 3pm, Oriji’s ‘The Cruize’ – 4.45pm to 6pm.


The ranking:


1...Lakle (Daniel) – (#1 for 9w)

     (P.Week-1> T.Week-1) – WOC (9) - PP (1)

2...Lenerzi Mazikal (Cusmun) -

     (P.Week-7>T.Week-2) – WOC (11) - PP (2)

3...Drive (Daniel) - (#1 for 9w)

     (P.Week-2> T.Week-3) – WOC (22) - PP (1) 

4...Sa Ki Mon Ladan (Jahrimba)  –

(New.E> T.Week-4) – WOC (1) - PP (4)

5… You Are (Brey In Reveye Feat. Ion Kid)-

      (New.E> T.Week-5) – WOC (1) - PP (5)

6...Zistans (Daniel)-

     (P.Week-3> T.Week-6) – WOC (17) - PP (2)  

7...Ou’n detri li (SS Gang) –

(P.Week-4> T.Week-7) – WOC (12) - PP (4)

8...Leson (Daniel Ft Auspicious)– (#1 for 4w)

     (P.Week-9> T.Week-8) – WOC (21) - PP (1)

9...OumBada Eh (Keartsea) –

     (New.E> T.Week-9) – WOC (1) - PP (9)

10...Kominikasyon (Falaine Ft Gunz) –

       (New E> T.Week-10) – WOC (1) - PP (10)


Compiled by Laura Pillay





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