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National Assembly

Motion to improve road infrastructure approved unanimously |15 September 2022

During its sitting yesterday afternoon, the National Assembly tackled a motion brought by member of the National Assembly for Anse Etoile, Georges Romain, seeking that government reviews the way that roads are constructed and maintained in Seychelles, together with infrastructure-centred authorities, in a bid to improve security for road users.

The motion was approved unanimously, by 25 votes in favour.

Supporting his motion, Hon. Georges pointed out that over the past ten years the volume of vehicles on the road have increased by a whopping 190 percent, and while he acknowledged the various improvements by government to improve road infrastructure and address traffic congestion, there is a need to review the roads and the way they are maintained.

“Towards the end of 2021, we had a total of 28,496 vehicles with a valid license, as compared to 2012 when there was 9,815 vehicles. Despite many developments in the construction of roads, one of the problems which motorists and members of the public face today, is the condition of roads, as well as the lack on certain infrastructure relating to roads,” Hon. Romain noted.

In particular, potholes, the lack of crash barriers, lack of street lights, and lack of demarcations and zebra crossings increase the risks of accidents, he added.

A number of members provided their perspective on the motion, noting its merit. United Seychelles (US) representative for Anse Royale Sylvanne Lemiel raised a point that the roads should be constructed in such a way which is suited to the needs of all road-users, including persons with disabilities and elderly citizens.

It was highlighted by members that one of the major challenges in addressing road infrastructure is due to the difficulties in securing way-leave from property owners, who refuse to cooperate with government.

Other hazards were raised by the members, and the role of the Seychelles Land Transport Authority (SLTA) who has the primary mandate to oversee affairs related to public roads.

“As has been highlighted during the various deliberations, roads are the key to our country’s development. Therefore, I am asking government to maintain better oversight over our roads, and to see its importance, so we can be proud in future, looking at the quality of our roads,” Hon. Romain concluded.

The National Assembly resumes next Tuesday.


Laura Pillay

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