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Windsurfing – Kitesurfing: Airtel Praslin Slalom |30 August 2022

Windsurfing – Kitesurfing: Airtel Praslin Slalom

Gardette won this year’s traditional crossing and the Airtel Praslin Slalom

Jean-Marc Gardette keeps the windsurfing title home

  • Mauritian trio dominates kitesurfing contest

Praslinois Jean-Marc Gardette is the winner of the windsurfing competition hosted by Airtel Seychelles to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Mahé-Praslin crossing, while the Mauritian trio of Jean Leopold, Allan Ricaud and Jean Jolicoeur dominated the kitesurfing competition, clinching the top three spots overall.

Sponsored by local telecommunication company Airtel Seychelles, the three-day event – baptised the Praslin Slalom – gathered surfers from Mauritius, Reunion and Seychelles.

Gardette dominated the windsurfing competition, emerging on top with a nett three points, finishing ahead of Mauritian Julien Maurel who accumulated a nett six points.

Pierre Wartelsteiner finished third overall with a nett nine points, ahead of fourth-placed Walter Ester who accumulated a nett 15 points.

Danny Adeline was fifth overall with a nett 17 points.

In kitesurfing, Leopold accumulated nett four points to top the group, ahead of compatriot Ricaud and Jolicoeur who finished second and third on nett five and 11 points respectively.

Seychellois Bertrand Lablache finished third overall on a nett 11 points, finishing ahead of Rajiv Tevanee of Reunion who was fifth overall after accumulating a nett 18 points.

The winners received their prizes during a special ceremony held on Saturday night at the Indian Ocean Island Lodge at Grand Anse Praslin, where some of the six surfboarders who made the first crossing in 1982 were recognised.

Roland Duval

The final ranking for windsurfing

  1. Jean-Marc Gardette (Seychelles) – Nett 3 points
  2. Julien Maurel (Mauritius) – Nett 6 points
  3. Pierre Wartelsteiner (Seychelles) – Nett 9 points
  4. Walter Esther (Seychelles) – Nett 15 points
  5. Danny Adeline (Seychelles)– Nett 17 points
  6. Julius Morel (Seychelles) – Nett 18 points
  7. Jules Kandasamy (Seychelles) – Nett 18 points
  8. Chris Isaac (Seychelles) – Nett 22 points
  9. Jacquelin Languila (Seychelles) – Nett 28 points
  10. Unass Esther(Seychelles) – Nett 29 points
  11. Eros Barallon (Seychelles) – Nett 29 points

The final ranking for kitesurfing

  1. Jean Leopold (Mauritius) – Nett 4 points
  2. Allan Ricaud (Mauritius) – Nett 5 points
  3. Jean Jolicoeur (Mauritius) – Nett 11 points
  4. Bertrand Lablache (Seychelles) – Nett 11 points
  5. Rajiv Tevanee (Reunion) – Nett 18 points
  6. Wilfrid Latchman (Reunion) – Nett 19 points
  7. Sitraka Ramanantsoa (Seychelles) – Nett 22 points
  8. Mathieu Ferrari (Seychelles) – Nett 23 points
  9. Alvin Waye-Hive (Seychelles) – Nett 28 points
  10. Alex Simon (Seychelles) – Nett 28 points
  11. Alvin Benoiton (Seychelles) – Nett 29 points
  12. Neddy Radegonde (Seychelles) – Nett 35 points


Roland Duval

Gardette won this year’s traditional crossing and the Airtel Praslin Slalom

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