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Health Care Agency gets electric scooter |13 August 2022

Health Care Agency gets electric scooter

Mr Searle handing over the scooter to Dr Louange (Photo: Patrick Joubert)

The Health Care Agency (HCA) has received an electric powered scooter from the Sustainable Powered Solutions Company (SPSC) based in Providence.

It was the managing director of the company, Mikael Searle, who handed over the electric scooter to the chief executive of HCA, Dr Danny Louange, in a small ceremony yesterday afternoon at the Seychelles Hospital.

Present were the deputy chief executive of HCA, Kathleen Cecile; the HCA transport manager, Terry Poiret; and other representatives of SPSC.

The European NIU model electric scooter, which has cost R80,000, will be used for dispatching works to the different health centres around Mahé.

The insured and licensed scooter with number plate GS31273 and powered by a Lithium battery is equipped with GPS and anti-theft alarm system.

Mr Searle said that the company was approached by the Minister for Health, Peggy Vidot, for assistance and they were happy to donate the scooter to HCA as a show of their commitment to serving the community.

“If it can help the people of the Seychelles, we are all for it,” he said.

On behalf of HCA, Dr Louange thanked SPSC for the donation and stated that it will be put into good use.

He noted that especially now with the increase in the cost of fuel and the other challenges with their fleet of transport, the scooter will assist tremendously in carrying out HCA transport duties more quickly especially during peak hours when the traffic is very heavy.

“As we only need to charge it, the scooter will help us save funds for other more pressing activities and we thank Sustainable Powered Solutions Company for its thoughtfulness,” said Dr Louange, who noted that it will be of benefit to the agency and to the country in general.

Dr Louange later said that if in the long run the scooter proves its mettle, the agency will propose to government to acquire more such vehicles to facilitate effectiveness and fast response given that it can also be used in emergency cases.

He said by using such transportation, the agency will be contributing to the country’s sustainable goal of clean energy.    

SPSC deals in the importation of electric scooters and electric buggies.


Patrick Joubert

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