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Authorities to lift key public health measures as from July 15 |20 June 2022

“Remaining restrictions on discotheques and mass gatherings will be lifted as from July 15 if there is no new surge in Covid-19 cases from now to that date,” the Minister for Health, Peggy Vidot, said after a meeting of the Platinum Command last Friday.

“Restrictions lifted as of Friday June 17 are the previous limits to standing passengers in public buses but masks remain mandatory in buses and other public transport such as taxis, boats and planes,” added Dr Jude Gedeon, Public Health Commissioner.

In addition, with immediate effect, places of leisure and entertainment will operate under their specific standard operating procedures (SOPs). Places of worship will also operate according to their SOPs.

In both cases SOPs may be reviewed in collaboration with the Public Health Authority to allow in-take of more attendants.

SOPs for funeral parlours and hospitals are currently under review.

The Public Health Commissioner has further indicated that mask wearing indoors will be subject to the SOP of the facility in question and that it is optional outdoors.

Temperature screening at entry of public places is no longer necessary.

Both the minister and the Public Health Commissioner have credited the lifting of these public health restrictions to the cooperation and compliance of the majority of the public to the measures.

“The compliance and cooperation have resulted in significant decreases in the daily number of new Covid-19 cases since the start of May 2022,” they said.

The Public Health Commissioner reiterated that the further evolution of the pandemic and whether new measures will be reintroduced later will depend on what extent each one takes personal responsibility for their own health and conscientiously avoids putting themselves at risk.


Press release from the Ministry of Health

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