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Employees of Seaward Company donateblood, help replenish stock |27 April 2022

Employees of Seaward Company donateblood, help replenish stock

Seaward Co. Ltd staff donating blood (Photos: Thomas Meriton)

Twenty-eight administrative and stevedoring staff of Seaward Co. Ltd yesterday volunteered to donate blood, responding to calls to help replenish the depleting stock of the blood transfusion unit of the Seychelles Hospital.

Many other willing employees who had turned up were regretfully not accepted as they had certain medical conditions.

According to Gerard Mein, Seaward Co. Ltd project manager, the company has responded to the calls of the blood transfusion unit and has thus encouraged and motivated its employees to donate blood for a good cause.

Mr Meinremarked that even though the company has in the past partnered with the Ministry of Health to make different contributions, namely to the Covid-19 fund in 2020 and the Cancer Concern Association, it is the first time that the company has initiated a blood donation drive among its employees and they are very satisfied with the turnout.

“We are hoping to continue to hold this activity and will aim to double the number of participants next time,” said Mr Mein.

Alexandre Barbier, operations manager and a first time blood donor, said: “I had always wanted to give blood but I cannot explain what kept me from taking the first step. But now that the company has launched the initiative, I saw the opportunity and I took the challenge to come forward to donate blood. I did not expect the process to be so quick. I think it is a good initiative by the company as it will help prevent blood shortages at the hospital. I also think it’s important for members of the public to play their role to keep the blood bank fully stocked. Now that I’ve had the experience, I will continue and will not turn back.”

“When I learned about the campaign I said why not help save a life. You never know who may need blood. I’ve experienced the need for blood from other people at one point in my life and so for me it’s giving back to the community,” said Shanon Bouzin, senior technician and also a first time blood donor.

Elizabeth Banda, senior programme officer at the blood transfusion unit, said more blood is needed to sustain the blood bank as the demand has increased since the health practices at the Seychelles Hospital have gone back to normal.

She further noted that the unit welcomes such initiatives by companies as well as from different individuals.


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