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13 newly graduatednurses officially awarded certificate to join profession |25 April 2022

13 newly graduatednurses officially awarded certificate to join profession

The new nurses taking their pledge (Photo: Louis Toussaint)

Thirteen newly graduated nurses received their registration certificatesas they were officially welcomedto the nursing profession during a ceremony held at the Sheikh Khalifa Diagnostic Centre on Friday.

The young nurses who have followed their three-year nursing course at the National Institute of Health and Social Studies (NIHSS), have met the standard for registration with the Seychelles Nurses and Midwives Council.

Other than their registration certificates handed over to them by Health Minister Peggy Vidot, the new nurses were also presented with their badge, code of ethics and conduct, a copy of the nurses and midwives act as well as the rules and regulations governing their practice.

The 13 newly registered nurses pledged before their colleague Shirley Hoareau to remain committed and dedicated to their chosen profession.

Also present for the ceremony were the chief nursing officer, Dr Gylian Mein;chief executive of the Health Care Agency, Dr Danny Louange; chairperson of the Seychelles Nurses and Midwives Council (SNMC), Eveline Moumou;nursing officers and councilors.

“This achievement will forever remain a memorable moment for you all. It has been three years of your life where you spent valuable time to fulfill the requirements for a possible lifelong career,” Ms Moumou stated.

She expressed hope that the new nurses have captured the essence of the nursing profession which are competence, care and compassion.

The new nurses are now certified to provide nursing care and health-related services to patients and clients in a variety of health settings.

“Joining the profession as a newly registered nurse can be very challenging; it is a turning point of being a student to a novice nurse. It is a role change but also an environmental transition,” said SNMC chairperson Moumou.

She added that “the expectations are often too high and many of you, if not all may feel that you are not adequately prepared for this reality. Just ask yourself am I in the right profession?”

Julio Charles, one of the newly registered nurses andwho is working in the critical care unit,said being registered a nurse is a great honour for him, his family and his mentors especially during the three years of his training. He added that this means his colleagues and himself are now adequately prepared to face the challenges ahead.

Charlesstated that as a male nurseheis an example for other young male Seychellois to follow as the nursing profession is not only for women but for everyone as long as you have a calling for it. Charles hopes to face the challenges ahead and grow in the profession.


Marla Simeon

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