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Seychelles Medical offers free Covid-19 tests for all Seychellois |09 April 2022

Seychelles Medical has said that the company will be offering freeCovid-19 tests to all Seychellois nationals over the Easter weekend, in an effort to keep Seychelles safe.

This is to celebrate one year since Seychelles reopened its borders and in an effort to further demonstrate Seychelles Medical’s commitment to fighting this virus.

Seychelles is currently experiencing a surge in coronavirus cases and by the end of March 2022, the country experienced a 100% increase in cases within the previous 14 days.

Seychelles Medical remains at the forefront of Covid-19 testing in the Seychelles, with a state-of-the-art internationally accredited laboratory, first class dedicated testing centres and teams servicing all of Seychelles islands.

Seychelles Medical says it has recently seen an increase in asymptomatic

clients who show no symptoms of Covid-19 but can still transmit this disease to others who may be more vulnerable.

“Offering free tests to Seychellois will help to combat the increase in cases by testing a greater number of people, which will identify those who must isolate while providing others with peace of mind knowing that they are safe before seeing their family,” says Seychelles Medical chief executive, Justin Etzin.

“Easter is a time for celebration and for family. With the recent surge in coronavirus cases, we want all Seychellois to be able to celebrate Easter safely and properly. As a gift from your family to yours, Seychelles Medical will be offering freeCovid-19 testing to Seychellois over the Easter weekend.”

The Covid-19 tests will be completely freeof charge, provide you with immediate results while you wait and are available at our clinic in Victoria at Maison Esplanade from 8am-5pm on April 16 and 17. We want to support you by testing your Seychellois family before we all celebrate this glorious holiday together in our churches and with our families. Covid has not yet been defeated and

these free tests will be for health purposes only and not valid for international travel. If you wish to book a test with results valid for international travel you may do so via

Let us continue to take the necessary precautions by getting tested so we can enjoy Easter knowing our family is safe from infection.



Press release from Seychelles Medical

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