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Covid-19 cases keep increasing |05 April 2022

The number of active cases of Covid-19 presently stands at 739.

Two thirds of those affected are Seychellois and a third are gainful GOP holders and visitors.

A total of 477 cases have been recorded on Mahé, 83 on Praslin, 23 on La Digue and 156 on Desroches.

All districts have active cases with the highest being in Grand Anse Praslin (58), Perseverance (43) and Anse Etoile (38).

The seven-day moving average is 88 per day. The situation is being closely monitored to inform preventive measures that may have to be applied.

As at April 3, 2022, the cumulative number of infected individuals stands at 40,866, the number of deaths is 164 and 39,963 people have recovered from the illness.

While the Ministry of Health focuses on managing various clusters of cases, individuals must take charge of their own prevention.

Mass gatherings are opportunities for rapid spread, especially where preventive measures are not practiced properly. This is why outdoor mass gathering is still prohibited.

Vaccination remains a valuable tool in the combat of Covid-19. Do get vaccinated with your primary doses and booster as soon as you are eligible.





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