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Outsourcing and management of the cemetery and burial services |30 March 2022

Outsourcing and management of the cemetery and burial services

Mr Herath hands over the report to Speaker Mancienne in the presence of deputy Speaker Gervais Henrie and Clerk Tania Isaac

Auditor General presents report to Assembly speaker


The Auditor General, Gamini Herath, has submitted a special report on the outsourcing and management of the cemetery and burial services to the Speaker of the National Assembly. Hon. Roger Mancienne.

Upon receiving the report, Speaker Mancienne stated that the National Assembly welcomes such initiative taken by the office of the Auditor General to make available informative reports to enhance the work of the National Assembly.

Hon. Mancienne stated further that such reports are ideally important for parliamentarians when they are analyzing and putting things in perspective to allow better interventions on specific matters.

On his part, Mr Herath expressed that the report falls in line with his office mandate in assessing whether government undertakings, programmes, activities, or organisations are operating in accordance with the principle of economic efficiency and effectiveness.

Mr. Herath outlined the importance of making the reports available to the National Assembly, which in turn will be beneficial to the whole population.

Speaker Mancienne thanked Mr Herath for the continuous effort and tremendous work carried out in ensuring informative and effective reports are available and look forward to other future reports from the Auditor General’s Office.

Also present during the handover of the report were the deputy Speaker, Hon. Gervais Henrie, and the clerk to the National Assembly, Tania Isaac.


Press release from the National Assembly secretariat

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