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In the aftermath of heavy rains and flooding |28 March 2022

In the aftermath of heavy rains and flooding

President visits Corgat Estate


  • Remedial work to start this week


President Wavel Ramkalawan on Saturday headed a delegation on a visit to Upper Corgat Estate which was heavily affected by flooding early last week.

President Ramkalawan visited at least 20 families and learned about their challenges and distress faced due to the recent flooding that affected their homes and businesses.

“It was important for the ministerial team together with the experts of the agencies to come together to take stock of the most important issues. This week we also had a meeting with all agencies to brainstorm on a plan for a flood free Victoria but we also looked into the situation at Corgat Estate as many families have been affected. This visit allowed us to consult and decide on immediate actions that need to be taken.”

President Ramkalawan also acknowledged the people that immediately came forward to help on the day of the flooding – Selwyn, Patrick Labaleine, Joe Fort, Andrew and Denis and many more.

“We immediately saw a sense of solidarity at the Corgat Estate and I congratulate the people of this estate. With the flood, many personal belongings of the families were damaged and I again commend the work done by the Mont Fleuri MNA Michel Roucou and district administrator Steve Noel for their amazing work on the field. Now with my visit, after talking to the inhabitants of Upper Corgat Estate, we will see how to help them more. I want to thank all organisations who came forward to help also.”

The second phase now is the work to be done. “Immediately, we all agreed that a wall should be constructed at Pye Tamarin to block water. Minister Billy Rangasamy and Keith Arnephie from the Seychelles Infrastructure Agency already agreed for the work to be done. We already identified all the places where we need to work on and immediately a concrete wall will be constructed to prevent water from overflowing and cause flooding.”

President Ramkalawan also said together with the Ministry of Environment, they will look into the desilting of the bridge in order to allow for a proper flow of water.

“The bridge will also be redone and traffic will be diverted for some time allowing us to construct an arch bridge for a better flow of water. We have a concrete plan for Corgat Estate and I want that by the end of the year these projects will have been taken care of.”

Most of the houses that have been affected are the old ones and President Ramkalawan shared that there is a plan. “As of this week, in collaboration with the Prison Services and Local Government, the areas will be cleaned and all the garbage including old cars, fallen trees will be removed so that the children of this area will have a place to play, which will also serve to discouraged drug trafficking and other illicit activities from occuring.”

Many of the old houses have been brought down and in two months’ time, construction will start, added the President.

“There is a plan for housing in this area and in the next two to three years, we hope Corgat Estate will be set.”

Regarding the management of waste in the area, President Ramkalawan urged the inhabitants to be more responsible and the government will help the community by providing a collection service once a week.

“Let us not just throw our garbage left, right and centre. I was quite disappointed when seeing a dirty diaper in the river while visiting the area. The river is not a dumping place. This message is for the whole population. Let us use our bin site properly.”

Concerning drug related activities, President Ramkalawan warned the population not to use Corgat Estate for their business.

“Drug activities in Corgat Estate should stop. The police keep doing their work, but the businesses come back. Many of the people doing these activities are not from Corgat Estate. I urge the inhabitants of this area to stop these people from coming in your ‘canton’ and protect your environment.”

MNA Michel Roucou noted that this visit gave hope and courage to the inhabitants and they are all looking forward for some solutions for this area.

For this visit, President Ramkalawan was accompanied by ministers Jean-François Ferrari, Errol Fonseka, Billy Rangasamy, Flavien Joubert and Rose-Marie Hoareau, the member of the National Assembly, the district administrator, and technicians from all relevant ministries and departments.

The accompanying photographs show some highlights of the President’s visit to Upper Corgat Estate on Saturday.


Vidya Gappy

Photos: Louis Toussaint

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