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President Danny Faure addresses the nation |29 May 2019

President Danny Faure addresses the nation

President Faure

‘I have redefined the presidency and what it stands for’



Dear Seychellois brothers and sisters,


It is a great pleasure for me to address you all tonight.

As you all know, next year in 2020 there will be a Presidential election. I think that the moment has come before the Presidential election takes place, for us to answer a question. After a lot of reflection, tonight I would like to announce that this fundamental question will be put before the electorate for their decision – before the Seychellois people for their decision.

In 1993, the Seychellois people approved the constitution of our Third Republic which does not permit a Seychellois living abroad to vote in a Presidential election, in a National Assembly election, or a public referendum. 

After 26 years, debates continue on whether Seychellois living abroad have the right to vote or not. As a people, we need to make a decision on this matter, to ensure that the constitution and electoral laws reflect what the Seychellois people want.

To me, the decision of whether a Seychellois living abroad has the right to vote in an election here in Seychelles should not be made by the National Assembly, or even myself as President of the Republic. I believe that given the impact of this decision on our society, it is only the Seychellois people that should have the right to decide.

In line with the electoral laws, I am asking the Electoral Commission to organise a national referendum on this major and fundamental question for the Seychellois people to decide. The question is – should a Seychellois living abroad be registered as a voter in Seychelles and be able to vote in any election organised here in Seychelles? Yes or no?

Under the law, it is only myself as President of the Republic that has the authority to put a subject before the Electoral Commission for a referendum to be held.

From tomorrow May 28, the day that the Electoral Commission will officially receive my letter on this matter, under the law they will have 7 days for them to meet and fix the date on which this referendum will be held.

If the ‘Yes’ wins by a 60% majority I will submit a bill before the National Assembly for approval, giving Seychellois living abroad the right to vote in any election organised in Seychelles.

Tonight I invite all citizens to actively debate on this subject. I encourage the media to organise programmes around this. I hope that the debates on this subject are carried out in an atmosphere that shows our maturity, and that in the end, the electorate will make a good decision.

The second subject that I would like to speak about today is the Presidential election that will be held next year. This will be another historic moment for our country as the Seychellois people decide on whom exactly they want as their President.

Our constitution is very clear. Any citizen that qualifies can stand as a Presidential candidate. Any citizens can come together and form a political party and nominate a candidate for the Presidential election. What is important is that the law is followed and respected. The mandate of the Electoral Commission is to ensure that modern laws are in place so that the Presidential elections in 2020 are carried out under a strong, solid legal framework. 

My wish is that Seychellois people exercise their right to choose their President in an atmosphere of peace and stability, where there is respect for different opinions and there is tolerance among us. We can together nurture our democracy where the true winners are Seychelles and the Seychellois people.



Dear Seychellois brothers and sisters,


Yesterday, May 26, marked exactly 2 years since I publicly declared that I am a President for all Seychellois. I decided not to head a political party and not to form part of the Central Committee of the party.

Today, I remain convinced that my decision was in the best interest of the Seychellois nation. Through my decision and the fundamental principles I believe in, I have worked for all Seychellois. I remained a President for all Seychellois. I followed a thought process that says Seychelles will always be bigger than all of us. I applied this thought process to my work. I have worked very hard for Seychelles and the betterment of our people. I have flown our flag high. I have redefined the presidency and what it stands for. My work is not over, it continues. 

Tonight, I would like to sincerely thank the Seychellois people for the support that you have given me in my work. I thank you all. 

This evening I stand here as your servant, and it is with a great deal of humility that I inform the Seychellois people of my decision to stand as a candidate in the Presidential election next year. I am doing this for Seychelles. 

I will ask my party, of which I have been a member for 39 years, to support my candidacy. 



Dear Seychellois brothers and sisters,


I thank you all for listening to me tonight. 

I pray that God continues to bless our people. 

Tonight I recommit to working even harder for Seychelles and for all Seychellois. Seychelles is, and always will be, bigger than all of us.

Thank you and good evening.

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