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GranKaz donates phlebotomy chair to Blood Testing Unit |05 March 2022

GranKaz donates phlebotomy chair to Blood Testing Unit

The handover of the phlebotomy chair (Photo: Patrick Joubert)

GranKaz has donated a phlebotomy chair to the Blood Testing Unit at the Seychelles Hospital.

The modern and specialised chair, which has cost US $755, will be used in the laboratory for patients coming to do blood tests.

It was handed over on behalf of the gaming company by the public relations and communications manager, Shama Amesbury, to the director of the Seychelles Hospital, Dr Kenneth Henriette, in a short ceremony held at health headquarters (Red Roof building).

Present was the unit’s biomedical scientist, Joanne Michel.

The chair provides the patient with a feeling of comfort and stability, while also making it easy for the phlebotomist to maneuver around them in order to quickly, efficiently, and as painlessly as possible draw the patient’s blood, especially in those who have a fear for needles.

“We are very happy to have been able to help provide the lab with a piece of equipment that will assist the caregivers as well as help make the patients more comfortable. Because with increased comfort comes decreased fear which will encourage more people to go for tests, which then results in early detection in a much larger number of patients. We thank you, technicians and phlebotomists, for the work that you do, and we hope that this helps make it a little easier,” Ms Amesbury said.

On behalf of the Blood Testing Unit, Dr Henriette thanked GranKaz for the generous donation.

The donation is the second this year made by GranKaz to the Seychelles Hospital after a donation of trolleys for serving patients’ food, four commode-chairs for dependent patients, a printer/scanner and toners to be use for chemotherapy prescriptions, combination of shelves and desk, a sofa set, as well as plastic slippers for patients' use in the chemotherapy unit and PRC testing kits for leukemia patients, made last month.

“Indeed, the equipment will be beneficial to both the patients and for the phlebotomists, making it easier for the health care providers to do their jobs and increase the efficiency of the hospital,” said the doctor, who noted that the ministry is looking towards acquiring such types of specialised and comfort chairs in future.


Patrick Joubert

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