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Covid-19 Update |18 January 2022

5049 active cases

Up till yesterday, the number of active cases of coronavirus (Covid-19) cases in the country stood at 5049, with the 7-day rolling average standing at 533.

Out of the total number of active cases, 4476 are on Mahé, 324 on Praslin, 220 on La Digue, while the other islands are harbouring a total of 29 cases.

So far, the cumulative cases total to 32,846, while 27,657 is the total number of recovered cases.

The total number of people who has died of Covid-19 related illnesses is 140.

According to the Ministry of Health, community transmissions remain extensive in all districts with several family clusters, while members of the public are reminded to respect isolation and quarantine instructions and protocols to help prevent further spread.


Compiled by Roland Duval


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