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Covid-19 update |12 January 2022

3991 positive cases


  • Seychellois urged to take their boosters


According to the latest figures shared by the Ministry of Health on Monday January 10, there are currently 3991 active Covid-19 cases in Seychelles – 3603 on Mahé, 241 on Praslin, 135 on La Digue and 12 on other islands.

These cases are the results of the recent holidays we went through and the 7-day rolling average is 499.

The Ministry of Health stated that community transmission is extensive in all districts.

“The higher daily number of cases implies more people will be in isolation and quarantine at any one time. In view of the large number of cases, the Ministry of Health may experience some delays in issuing exit isolation and quarantine certificates. Employers are being asked for their understanding. Members of the public are reminded that it is an offence to disregard isolation and quarantine orders vaccination,² noted the latest report.



We need to break this chain and it is a fact that immunity after infection or vaccination drops gradually with time. In order to boost your immunity a 3rd dose vaccination (booster) remains one of the most important tools to prevent severe disease and death.

Those not vaccinated are called upon to immediately come forward for the vaccine to protect themselves and their loved ones.

“The booster shots are available for all who have taken two doses and we urge the public to come and get vaccinated. Right now the Pfizer booster shots are for Seychellois nationals only and GOP holders can have Sinopharm as a booster shot. In the future, the Pfizer vaccines will also be available for GOP holders once most Seychellois are done,” explained the chief executive of the Health Care Agency, Dr Danny Louange.

What vaccines are available, and where? Pfizer and Sinopharm vaccines are being offered in various vaccination sites across Mahé, Praslin and La Digue. Please refer to weekly press release from the Ministry of Health for details.

When to take your doses? 1st dose – as soon as possible. 2nd dose – as per appointment given for 2nd dose. 3rd dose – at least 4 months after 2nd dose.

When to vaccinate after you test positive (cases)? Wait for 8 weeks from infection prior to taking your next vaccine dose due.

When to vaccinate after you are exposed to Covid-19 (contacts)? If without symptoms for first 14 days, you may take next vaccine dose due immediately thereafter.


Vidya Gappy/ Ministry of Health


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