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Covid-19 update |18 November 2021

Covid-19 update

Number of cases  on the increase


• Public urged to abide by health restrictions


As of November 16, 2021, there are 347 active Covid-19 cases – 323 on Mahé, 12 on Praslin and 12 on La Digue.

Unfortunately since the last update, the number of Covid-19 related deaths recorded is 125. So far out of the 22,831 cumulative cases, 22,359 have recovered.

These figures were shared by the Public Health Commissioner, Dr Jude Gédéon and Dr Danny Louange, chief executive of the Health Care Agency, during the monthly press meeting yesterday at the Sheikh Khalifa diagnostic centre to update the media on the Covid-19 situation in the country. 

Assistant Superintendent (ASP) Antoine Desnousse was also present at the press meet.

Dr Gédéon remarked that “during the last two weeks the number of Covid cases rose from 152 to 347. The number of cases is increasing and all districts are reporting new cases. We want to bring this surge under control as quickly as possible. We are asking each one of us to make more effort in personal prevention. Around the world cases are going up and the different data gathered are showing us that as cases go up, mortality also goes up. In Seychelles also the same pattern is being observed”.

Dr Gédéon also noted that most of the active cases are from the school going age, young adults and there are fewer cases from the above 65 years old.

“Over the period of two weeks we have seen a resurgence of cases – about 200 cases in two weeks and this is a concern to us. As soon as we noticed that increase, we sent down an alert but it looks like it was not enough to stop the increase or to get people to change their behaviour. The same trend is being seen on the seven days average. Early in the month, there were several districts not reporting cases but as we moved on we found out all districts are reporting cases on a daily basis. It is evidence of community transmission in all districts.”

According to the cases recorded, Anse Royale has the biggest rate of infection followed by Beau Vallon, Glacis, Grand Anse Mahé and Mont Buxton.

Most cases are among Seychellois and a few among GOP holders.

“We have also noticed an increase in the positivity rate, that is the number of cases is about 5%. Early November it was only 2%. This is an indication that the situation needs to be given extra attention. Another important fact is among the 12 -17 age group. There are currently 24 actives cases out of which 21 unvaccinated. The three are asymptomatic or with mild symptoms and the variant is 100% Delta.”

Out of the total number of deaths, 22% (28) were vaccinated and 78% (97) not vaccinated with the average age of 69.

Dr Louange updated the public with the recent admission and services at the hospital. “At the Family Hospital, Perseverance, there are currently 7 patients admitted with one in critical state. There are 13 patients at the Goast Guard facility and 2 patients on Praslin. On La Digue, the ones tested positive are being cared for in their homes. At the facilities on Mahé, we have observed a reduction in the number of new patients admitted. We have to continue to protect ourselves and help protect the vulnerable. We have observed also that many patients are obese and also diabetic. We urge the public to go get tested in the clinics to see if they are diabetic. Our goal is to reduce the number of admitted patients. ICU has been busy and there has not been a break. By knowing our status, we help in reducing the cost on the Health Care Agency and we also can better take care of health.”

Dr Louange also shared that all services at the Seychelles Hospital are back but not at the rate it was before Covid-19 and they are asking the public to be patient. “If you see your condition deteriorating, please get in touch with your health centre.”

ASP Desnousse once again calls upon the public to respect all the regulations and restrictions set by the Ministry of Health. “Curfew is at 11pm and no one should be on the road at that time, unless those working in specific sectors and finish later than that. The police call upon the businessmen to close their businesses early enough for their employees to get home on time. We know there are cafeterias who are being used as discothèque. People are not supposed to dance in your area and we also have information that some places who have the people closed in their spaces and this weekend we will deal with them. The police are continuously issuing fines to locals and tourists for not wearing masks and for regrouping in public places. It is important for all of us to take care of our health. All construction companies should ensure that their workers are wearing masks and practice social distancing. There are currently some 200 cases in court for not being able to pay their fines. If you could not pay R1000 or R2000, you will end up paying R6000 rupees or even go to prison. We do not want that to happen and we urge the public to abide by the regulations and hope to spend a good festive season.”

In conclusion, Dr Gédéon strongly affirmed that “when people saw the number of positive cases decrease, they started going out and doing activities. There should be more effort in personal prevention and it is a personal responsibility in avoiding exposure, and avoiding exposing others. We have also heard that children/people are still going to school/work even if they are with symptoms. Go and get tested if you have any symptoms. Any person being exposed as a contact should go and get tested on day 5 and if you are placed in quarantine as a contact or in isolation after testing positive -Stay at home and observe preventive measures. Avoid social gatherings and crowded places and wear your mask properly and avoid touching it if you have not sanitised your hands. Wash and/or sanitise your hands often, go get vaccinated and we urge the businesses to be more responsible and follow the SOPs. Employers must make greater effort to protect the workers and vice-versa.”


Vidya Gappy


Parol Dr Gedeon: Kazo poul pa ankor ouver, poul in kas kazo…me kok pe espere deor (Kovid). Nou pa ti ankor pare pour tir sa bann restriksyon me dimoun ki pa’n respekte mezir. Me mon ti a voudre dir ki en gran mazorite pe respekte bann mezir ! Sa bann group ki pa pe respekte sa bann mezir ki pe fuel sa remonte. Dimoun i dir ki Sakreman pe fer Kovid monte! Me pa Sakreman ki fer Kovid monte, se sa bann parti ki ganny fer apre ki ou envit dimoun sorti diferan fanmiy e diverti kontan ! Nou soke ki kantite demann nou pe gannyen pour dimoun fer regroupman. Tou kalite demann ! Nou pa ankor kapab fer sa !


Parol Dr Louange: Lo kote bann dimoun ki’n arete swiv bann mezir, mon krwar i enportan ki zot realize ki i ankor annan zenn pasyan ki pe ganny admit akoz Kovid e nou bezwen met zot lo sipor pour zot leker bate! Pour bann dimoun ki pa pe tande, sa i enportan pour zot – si ou pa pe swiv sa bann mezir, ou pe met ou lekor a risk e ou pou fini dan lopital. I afekte ou poumon ek ou leker. Si ou pa le end up dan Family Hospital, pran ou mezir e ekoute ki nou pe dir. Dimoun pa pe tann nou. Nou pa pe vin la pour gaspiy nou letan, nou la pour enform nou bann frer ek ser pour dir zot ki sa i serye. Ti annan en letan kot nou ti pre pour give up ! Nou pas anvi retourn dan sa sitiasyon.

Vidya Gappy



  • HANDS - Wash them often
  • ELBOW - Cough into it
  • FACE - don't touch it
  • SPACE -  Keep safe distance
  • HOME - Stay if you can


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