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President Faure pleased with project to be carried out by Indian Association of Seychelles |09 August 2019

President Faure pleased with project to be carried out by Indian Association of Seychelles

The representatives of the Indian association during their meeting with President Faure

President Danny Faure yesterday met three members of the Indian Association of Seychelles whereby they discussed the appointment of the new executive committee for the association, as well as the numerous projects that they intend to undertake.

In the scheduled meeting at State House, newly elected chairperson of the association, Jamshed Pardiwalla, stated that there are new projects organised for the upcoming year, aimed at valorising the talents of elderly citizens and passing on such values to the youths.

“In an organisation where there are many persons, it is important that we work closely with the government. In the past, the association has worked with schools and contributed equipment needed to improve the conditions at school or to render the environment more conducive for those using school institutions. On top of its annual budget, the association continues with this but this year we want to go further and to adopt not only schools but also old people’s homes. This means identifying what needs they have and how the association can assist them. It is sad when someone who has contributed so much over their lives, but then they are sent away to a home,” Mr Pardiwalla noted.

He added that President Faure was especially pleased with the project which valorises older citizens who have worked hard to build the foundations of the country. Furthermore, Mr Pardiwalla notes that elderly people have many talents, whether artistic or cultural and that they may have valuable knowledge, values and moral beliefs that they can impart to younger generations. According to Mr Pardiwalla, school children stand to benefit from interactions with elderly citizens.

The Indian Association of Seychelles has over 200 members. It annually organises Seychelles-India Day celebrations among other activities and works closely with government to implement projects in the interest of local communities and community members.

Mr Pardiwalla was elected as chairperson of the association in June this year.

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