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‘Eat for our health’ to lower risks of chronic diseases |23 October 2021

‘Eat for our health’ to lower risks of chronic diseases

A movement and campaign was born this week with the great ambition to make Seychellois a healthier nation.
The Ministry of Health launched its ‘Eat for our Health’ (Manz pour nou Lasante) campaign which it hopes will be a lifelong movement to encourage Seychellois to get its food priorities right, and reduce the alarming rate of obesity and chronic diseases.
The launch coincided with the World Food Day, which also places emphasis on eating local produce for better health.
At the core of the campaign is the concept of ‘My Healthy Plate’ (Mon Lasyet Lasante) which urges us to eat balanced portions of vegetables, fruits, fish, eggs, meat and tubers, breadfruit, and grains (refer to illustration).

Earlier this year the principal nutritionist at the Ministry of Health talked about concerns that lifestyle diseases are on the increase in Seychelles.

And the Minister for Health has herself made repeated statements that more emphasis should be placed on prevention.
A statement from the Nutrition Unit said: “Food, water and exercise are the key tools to prevent chronic diseases, and these are ALL within our control.”
With regard to the ‘Eat for our Health’ movement, they say: “We call it as such because we know it's going to be a long and hard road to educate our people to adopt the right habits, especially cutting down on sugary and salty food and drinks.
“We have to make it clear to them that by eating correctly they can lower their risks of chronic diseases that will help lessen the burden on their families and society.


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