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National Association for the Disabled meets President Faure |07 August 2019

National Association for the Disabled meets President Faure

Office bearers of the National Association for the Disabled during their meeting with President Faure yesterday

Access to loans to start a small business or for other matters was the topic of discussion between President Danny Faure and members of the National Association for the Disabled (NAD) yesterday afternoon at State House.

According to the chairperson of the association, Jourdane Ernesta, who was leading a 12-strong office bearers at the meeting, it was the first time that they have had such a meeting with President Faure.

It was one of the association’s dream to bring the voice of people living with disability to the attention of the highest office in Seychelles.

Mrs Ernesta said that they had words of encouragement from President Faure, who told them to write to his principal secretary in his office for his attention on issues relating to difficulties that people with disability are facing such as the difficulty to get a loan.

“There are a few people with disability who want to start their own businesses but the doors are not open for them,” Mrs Ernesta said.

Mrs Ernesta said that they also discussed with President Faure on abuses, be they financial or sexual, suffered by people with disability.

“We have noticed that financial abuses, especially among the invalids, are very alarming here. The sexual abuses are not so alarming but if we don’t put our attention to it, it will become alarming. President Faure was not happy with what he had heard from us on these issues of abuse and he said we should put more emphasis to see that the disabled are well protected against such abuses. He also advised us to report such cases to the relevant authorities,” Mrs Ernesta said, noting that they are working closely with the Ministry of Family Affairs on such matters.

She said President Faure congratulated them on the work they are doing for people with disability.

The National Association for the Disabled was formerly known as National District Disabled Support Group formed twenty years ago. It has fourteen members on the board, of whom twelve were present at the meeting with President Faure yesterday. It also has twenty ordinary members who include some people living with disability.

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