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Social workers discuss project proposal with President Faure |06 August 2019

Social workers discuss project proposal with President Faure

Members of the social workers association during their meeting with President Faure yesterday

Five members of the Seychelles Empowerment-Based Social Workers Association (SEBSWA) met for discussion on the association’s project with President Danny Faure yesterday afternoon at State House.

After the meeting, the chairperson of the association, Georges Nicette, said that the association has several projects as proposals to help address social issues in the country.

He said among these projects includes one directed mainly towards the juvenile issue which is a major problem here.

Mr Nicette said President Faure was very appreciative of their social care projects and he has recommended them to submit their proposals so that they can be discussed at cabinet level.

With 68 affiliated members, the association has a range of trained social workers that could help the country address its social issues but “with their hands tied behind their backs” at the moment, it was one of the reasons they have decided to meet President Faure.

The association was launched in October 2015 and its aim is to promote empowerment, support and respect for social workers while also ensuring continuous professional development and to raise professional standards within the profession. It was created to respond to the current and future social challenges of the country thus ensuring that the people benefit the most from the work delivered by the social workers.

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