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President Faure meets new SNYC board |06 August 2019

President Faure meets new SNYC board

The SNYC board members in a souvenir photograph with President Faure after the meeting

The newly elected board members of the Seychelles National Youth Council (SNYC) met President Danny Faure yesterday at State House.

The SNYC board was accompanied by the chief executive of SNYC Penny Belmont and deputy chief executive Ghislaine Belmont, both ex-officio members on the board.

Elected on May 4, the board comprises seven members including a chairperson and vice-chair all of whom are youths.

The board also has a secretary attached to it.

Chief among their discussions with the president yesterday were the board’s plans for the next two years.

Myria Sifflore, chairperson of the board, noted that the hour long exchange with President Faure was fruitful and productive.

“We had the opportunity to tell the president of what we want to accomplish during our two-year mandate and we wanted to inform him of the new ideas we are hoping to bring to Seychellois youths.”

“As a new board, we want ease of communication between the youths and SNYC because many of them are unaware of what SNYC does and the programmes it offers,” Ms Sifflore added.

In that regard, the board is aiming to introduce an app for SNYC which would facilitate youth access to the services provided by the council as well as to information.

“The board is aiming to shake things up and change the mindset wherein we place all youths in the same category. We need people to understand that there are many positive youths around,” Ms Sifflore added.

She also noted that there is a need for more collaboration between young people so as to push the country forward.

“If this is applied, we will have a generation of youths that are helping each other develop and taking the opportunities at hand.”

“Frankly, we are aiming high so as to bring a change to the youths. We want to bring about new things rather than to repeat the same things we have already done as well as to bring new ways of doing things that can be tangibly seen by the end of our mandate,” Ms Sifflore concluded.

The SNYC board is the only public board which is elected, through its affiliated members, and its role is to advise and approve matters related to the functions of SNYC.

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