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Minister Vidot meets NIHSS’ best performers for 2020 |05 October 2021

Minister Vidot meets NIHSS’ best performers for 2020

The graduates during their meeting with Minister Vidot (Photo: Louis Toussaint)

The Minister for Health, Peggy Vidot, yesterday afternoon met last year’s best performers from the National Institute of Health and Social Studies (NIHSS) in her office at the Seychelles Hospital.

The meeting was for the minister to congratulate them for their good performance during their studies and for having successfully graduated.

The nine past NIHSS best performers were accompanied by the institute’s director Marylene Lucas, deputy director Ebrahim M. Ali and registrar Vanessa Seth.

“Congratulations and we hope that you will continue with the same dedication and motivation which you have had during your studies and which has got you to where you are,” Minister Vidot said.

Minister Vidot reminded them that as outstanding performers people will continue to expect them to excel throughout their lives and that they should live up to these expectations.

She noted that the ministry will support them to achieve their goals and meet the expectations of the public.

Most of the graduates are holding positions in the different units in the Ministry of Health while two others are working in the private sector (health).

The minister encouraged them to be on the look-out for opportunities and to continue to push forward to upgrade their skills and knowledge so as to become professionals in their respective fields of studies or in other related fields in health.  

“In health we welcome ideas. Anyone with ideas and suggestions can contribute towards improving our health system and I would encourage you to do so. We in the ministry, in the school, we are here to see that your needs are met. The school has assisted you to be where you are and now you also have a duty to contribute your thoughts and ideas for a better health system,” Minister Vidot said.  

The past students suggested that the ministry and NIHSS reach out more frequently to the secondary institutions and also expose students with real life situations at hospitals and health centres if they really want to get more students to join the health profession.

With regard to attracting more students to join the health profession, Ms Seth said that the focus is to form the NIHSS alumni and health clubs in secondary schools to educate and reach out to students.

She added that this will be an opportunity for the students to learn more about the health profession.

During the meeting six graduates who were awarded scholarships as best performers were presented with their certificates by Minister Vidot. They are Priscille Vidot for winning the president’s Cup as the outstanding student, Loutina Quatre (best performer Diploma in Medical Care), Kelly Gamatis (best performer Diploma in Pharmaceutical Sciences), Angelique Samedi (best performer Advanced Diploma in Midwifery), Sharon Labrosse (Overall Best Patient Centered Care Student) and Sebastien Gendron (NIHSS special award nominee).

As NIHSS was entitled to six scholarships, the other best performers were encouraged to take opportunities offered by the workplaces with regard to in- house training or overseas training if on offer.


Patrick Joubert

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