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National Assembly

Four redundancies and two redeployments at NSC, Minister Zialor clarifies |23 September 2021

Minister for Youth, Sports and Family Marie-Celine Zialor appeared before the National Assembly on Tuesday morning to address a Private Notice Question (PNQ) by leader of the opposition in the National Assembly, Sebastien Pillay, on the restructuring of the National Sports Council (NSC).

Minister Zialor was joined by chief executive of the NSC, Jean Larue, in answering questions relating to how many employees have been made redundant since January, and efforts to meet with these said employees, or to offer them alternatives.

She confirmed the redundancy of four staff, namely, a driver, sports officer, assistant sports officer and a project officer, affirming that meetings were held with them, and alternatives proposed.

In response to Hon. Pillay’s proposition that the majority of those made redundant being supporters of United Seychelles (US), thereby assuming that they have been victimised, she explained that the restructuring exercise is continuous, and that her ministry does not intend to victimise anyone based on any characteristics, and especially not the political party to which they are affiliated.

Informing the assembly of the redeployment of two additional employees, Minister Zialor asserted that decisions taken by her ministry and associated departments and agencies follow much dialogue consideration and with those concerned, also highlighting that some staff are not flexible with regard to changing positions. According to her, some individuals have been offered up to four positions but have refused.

“I can assure the assembly that we have more than one conversation with all who are affected through restructuring. Asides from the redundancies, there are also those who are being promoted, professionalization, and with the savings we are making, there are also those who are when we consult that their duties are enlarged with the new vision of the NSC, and the new strategy, where the redeployments are taking place, for the conditions to improve, the package is a mix,” Minister Zialor explained.

“And we are having some conversations multiple times, and we are reviewing some of our decisions, allowing some one month or three months to observe how it is, so we can get a good fit. We are interested in reaping results,” Minister Zialor stated.

Hon. Pillay sought the minister’s guarantee that the assembly will be provided with information pertaining to the restructuring at the soonest, and that efforts are channelled towards communicating the plan to employees in a timely and reasonable manner.

Around 15 employees are to be redeployed within the second phase of restructuring, Minister Zialor asserted, highlighting the importance of change towards bettering the entity.

Highlighting the positives and opportunities created within the ministry for the development of employees, Minister Zialor made reference to the class of employees who are still earning a small pay check within NSC, and guaranteed the assembly that the priority is the betterment of staff.

Clarifying the reorganisation with the department of local government, it was initially agreed that NSC would assume responsibility for the maintenance and upkeep of all district sports facilities. At some point, the NSC sought to absorb the staff within district administrations who were supporting it in discharging this duty, but local government has since decided to keep their employees.

“Therefore, we decided that NSC continues with working on bigger multi-purpose courts and playing fields, whereas local government handles the smaller fields. NSC prepares a calendar of works, and if we are to be in one district working on a bigger plain, the department is also aware, so they too bring along their workers to deal with the smaller ones,” Mr Larue noted.


Laura Pillay

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