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National Assembly

Assembly approves second Anti-Corruption amendment Bill |22 September 2021

After taking questions relating to the agencies under his ministry, Minister Errol Fonseka presented to the National Assembly the Anti-Corruption (Amendment) (No.2) Bill, 2021, which was approved by 20 votes in favour.

Minister Fonseka in presenting the Bill noted that The Anti-Corruption Act, 2016 (the said Act) was enacted to establish the Anti-Corruption Commission, provide for its functions and powers and to create a means by which it can investigate, detect and prevent corrupt practices.

“As a consequence of amendment number 19 of 2021, the Act was amended in order to give effect to the address of President Wavel Ramkalawan to the Nation on February 1, 2021, section 22 was repealed inter alia and the effect of that repeal was not considered in relation to section 52A,” the minister said.

“Therefore, in order to rectify the reference in section 52A from 22(2)(a) and 52(8) (which were repealed) to section 9(1)(b) and 9(3) which now refer to the powers of the Commissioner instead of the chief executive, it is proposed to amend sections 52A of the said Act to achieve these objectives,” Minister Fonseka stated, urging the assembly to vote in favour so as to eliminate confusion on the matter.

Numerous members intervened and provided their perspective on the commission, its scope of work, progress made by the commission and what they expect to see from the entity.

Some members highlighted specific cases which should be investigated, including the lost $50 million.

The Bill was approved by the National Assembly.


Laura Pillay

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