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Victoria Health Clinic – Another alternative for Seychellois patients |06 September 2021

Victoria Health Clinic – Another alternative for Seychellois patients

In Seychelles our health system does not allow to have all types of surgeries or treatments. Every year many patients are being sent overseas for treatments. For many years, people have wished for private clinics so that they can have an alternative. We saw many private doctors offering their services but yet to find a full fledged clinic with more services offered. Recently, we went to see what services the Victoria Health Clinic, located at Anse Etoile, is offering.

Seychelles NATION met with the current co-managing director, Laurent Alis, who gave us an overview and a tour of the clinic. 

Victoria Health Clinic is a private medical facility located at Anse Etoile on the north east coast road which offers medical care and diagnosis, from general health to specialised treatment for all ages.

Founded in April 2020 in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic by Daniella Payet-Alis, the clinic focuses on providing quality care for residents so they do not have to travel overseas for their treatments – a practice which for long has taken a financial toll on people.

Specific services on offer include; general practice, pediatrics, orthopedics, gynecology, gastroenterology, physiotherapy, x-rays and ultrasounds, laboratory diagnosis and pharmacy services.


Minimally invasive surgeries – a lifesaver for many

The clinic’s latest and proudest achievement is the ability to offer clients minimally invasive surgeries with the comfort of recuperating in country, with all their loved ones nearby. Minimally invasive operations have huge benefits as it guarantees faster recuperation time and significantly less scarring than traditional operations that create larger opening on the body and increase chances of infection.

“Our medical team of qualified surgeons from Cuba are assisted with some of the best and most resilient Seychellois nurses, who all provide diligent care for patients. It was vital for us to be able to provide surgeries, because we could foresee that sending people abroad for specialised care would not be sustainable,” noted the Victoria Health Clinic management.

“Overseas care can be risky, and expensive, not to mention that whenever there could be issues or complications it would be difficult to do a follow up locally if the surgeons who performed the surgeries are abroad. This means that a patient who books a surgery abroad would need to account for their follow-ups and recuperation time overseas, adding to the cost and time spent away from home.”

The management wanted to offer tangible solutions to this problem. “At Victoria Health Clinic, we offer surgeries that involve very little cuts, and this ensures faster recovery and most of all – in the comfort of your own country with your loved ones nearby. This also ensures that money spent stays in country, and removes the added costs of airfare and accommodation. With borders closed in most places and the precarious situation of Covid-19, our clinic offering quality medical care was a lifesaver for many families.”

The clinic has a small but robust team of 15 medical staff comprising doctors, nurses, technician and therapists. There is also an administrative team, but the clinic is very much a family-led initiative. 

The clinic can take up to three patients for surgeries per day, and offer homemade style Creole food to each patient during their stay at the clinic. The in-patient area has also been designed to offer comfort, with privacy and television in the area to keep them entertained.

“When people come to see us, we want them to know they’re in good hands but we also want them to feel at home – not in a scary medical facility. We treat people, so we want the experience to be as pleasant as possible given the medial circumstances of our patients. People come to us with their stress and worry and it’s our job, to the best of our ability, to help ease their pain.”

Speaking of the challenges, the management team said, “We have started small, to ensure we can do this well. There are surgeries we still cannot do – eye treatments for instance, yet we do get many requests for these.”


Liposuction services – a way to educate on weight and health

Another of the latest services on offer at Victoria Health Clinic is the liposuction and tummy tuck, which they have just started advertising. This medical procedure involves removing excess skin after weight loss or removing any stubborn fatty areas of the tummy, underarms or under leg.

However, the management notes that education will be key in this service.

“We offer a free consultation for those interested in this operation, because it’s important to look at it on a case by case basis,” they stress.

The operation may seem like a beauty surgery, but it is very much a medical operation that needs to take the person’s body mass index and physiology into account. It is in no way an easy way to lose weight and not everybody is a good candidate to do a liposuction surgery.

“Our doctor has asked some of our clients to lose a few kilos before doing the procedure, because liposuction is part of a weight loss journey that also involves physical exercise and healthier eating. It can be very dangerous to just remove parts of excess fat without checking if the person’s body can take it. It could create risks so we make several assessments beforehand,” they explain.

The liposuction is ideal for people who have excess fat or skin hanging that does not go away even after dieting and adopting a healthier lifestyle. It is proven most effective for women post-partum, who have small excess weight at the bottom of their bellies.

“We encourage people to come for their free consultation, and only then will our doctors be able to assess what can be done – some people are great candidates for liposuction and will see results in the months post-surgery.”

The aftercare involves wearing a garment around the operated area for a few months after and a good rest at home for the ensuing 10 days after the surgery.


A passionate team

What makes Victoria Health Clinic a notable private medical facility is the care that goes into the business.

“Our doctors and nurses are passionate about helping people and always greet everyone with a smile and want to brighten their day. We also have a great laboratory for testing, with a friendly and competent lab technician running its operation. We look forward to growing our team and services we can offer.”

For sure the clinic is not yet fully operational like a clinic in Mauritius or elsewhere but does cater for immediate solutions for most of the major health issues. Their hope is to definitely become the preferred alternative for patients instead of travelling.

To contact the clinic, call us on 4241880 or visit our website


Vidya Gappy

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