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 Hervey Anthony heads new Motorsports and Classic Car Association |24 July 2021

Hervey Anthony is the chairperson of the newly launched Motorsports and Classic Car Association, registered under the provisions of the Registration of Associations Act on July 15, 2021.

The association’s vice-chairperson is Francis Mein, while the treasurer is Juna Hoareau and Edwards Anacoura is the secretary general.

Speaking to Sports NATION, Mr Anthony said he was contacted some two weeks ago to put together the association after some failed attempts by other groups in the past.

The new association’s first meeting will take place on Monday July 26, 2021 at 4.30pm and all those who want to attend should contact chairperson Anthony on 2816361 for the venue.

Chairperson Anthony acknowledged that it will take a while for the sports version of the association to take off, but in the meantime they can still have other activities.

“We have to discuss with the authorities with regards to having a spot for time-trials as right now we cannot have races. We need a specific site for racing and we will have to build a track measuring at least 1,500 metres. In the meantime, we can have classic car shows which can generate some revenue for both the association and the country,” said Mr Anthony.

He added that it costs between R600,000 and R1 million to modify a car for racing, and this is why it is important to have a special track for racing.

Mr Anthony added that everyone can become a member of the Motorsports and Classic Car Association, but only drivers who will be taking part in races will have to register their cars.


Gerard Govinden

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