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Chat with Marsha Parcou ‒ successful marketing executive, businesswoman and life coach |21 July 2021

Chat with Marsha Parcou ‒ successful marketing executive, businesswoman and life coach

Marsha Parcou

‘It is important to do what you love, but in the process you should not neglect yourself’


She has 10 years of experienceworking in tourism marketing management with the Seychelles Tourism Board, successfully communicating Unique Selling Propositions and core marketing messages across a diverse range of travel markets globally. As a result, this has increased the market share by almost 80% from the southern African region.

She is also the owner and shareholder of Chatterbox Cafe Seychelles, a successful and well-established coffee shop brand and business.

Today, we are meeting Marsha Parcou who is also an experienced health and life coach. This is a type of wellness professional who helps people make progress in their lives in order to attain greater fulfilment. Life coaches help their clients in improving their relationships, careers, and day-to-day lives. We will get to know more about Marsha Parcou the life coach.


Seychelles NATION: Who is Marsha Parcou?

Marsha Parcou:My background is in tourism management and marketing. I have a Bachelor’s degree in marketing and double major in tourism marketing that I undertook in Australia. I came back to Seychelles and worked for 10 years for the the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB)and during that time I was attached to theSeychelles High Commission/Embassy in South Africawith one year in the UK. I was also the regional manager for Seychelles in South Africa.

During my time with the STB, I also completed my Master’s degree in the first cohort of the Seychelles Young Leaders Programme and I was amongst one of the first to be posted overseas. Upon my return to Seychelles my post had been taken over and I was not happy with the new package.That is when I decided to open ‘Chatter Box’ with my husband. I am proud to say that ‘Chatter Box’ was the first proper coffee shop in Seychelles.


Seychelles NATION:When did the interest of ‘life coaching’ arise?

Marsha Parcou: I am an established business person in Seychelles who has now ventured into health and life coaching. Accredited by the Health Coach Institute, USA, I coach using International Coach Federation (ICF) tools and exercises whilst delivering my own unique framework for transformation. I inspire women to blossom through self-care and self-love. I provide the support, structure, and strategy to empower them to not only become more successful, but to also learn to love themselves along the way.

With core skills in strategic management, leadership, public relations and communications, negotiation, brand and identity management I run my own lifestyle and coaching brand called Fasinasyon.


Seychelles NATION: What motivatedyou to become a life coach?

Marsha Parcou: When I was in secondary I always wanted to be a psychologist, but decided not to go through with that. At one point I wanted to be a social worker. All along, part of me wanted to work with people.I wanted to help other people but looking back I realised I never could until I learnt how to love and accept myself by helping myself first. I must say it was not an easy journey.I was taught at a very young age to be negativeand part of the struggles was confronting the negativity and limiting beliefs that I was stuck with for a very long time. I struggled with weight loss, relationship, loss of loved ones, no work-life balance as I did not know how to cope and this was detrimentalto my health.

I lost myself in the process, I lost my confidence, self-esteem as I became dependent on people’s and family’s opinions and validations. I had high expectations from them, I depended on them to make me happy. If I’ll be honest with you I was a very miserable woman and deep down I knew I had to do something about it!

2017 was one of the hardest and challenging yearsfor mebut I am truly thankful and grateful for 2017! This is when I decided I had to take control over my life by accepting Marsha, loving Marsha,letting go of things that I have no power and control over such as people’s actions/ behaviours/ opinions and letting go of situations that are beyond me.

The only thing that I have control over is ME ‒ thoughts, words and actions and I amalways inchoice.

From then on, my life shiftedcompletelyand I am in a better space: finding my purpose and true value which is to impact, serve and empower other people. That is how I define success as it comes from a place of love and gratitude.


Seychelles NATION: What does your service entail?

Marsha Parcou: As a coach I meet my clients when they are in the process of finding themselves. We are all imperfect individuals and we are all a ‘work in progress’. I am happy to say that I now have the knowledge, skills, tools and techniques (solutions) to help those ones who can relate to my stories and to facilitate the transformation of my clients.

We are judged by society and that societyputs a lot of pressure on us ‒ to behave, act certain way in order to be accepted. But the truth is none of these are true, they are merely stories and beliefs that only us have the power to change.

It took me agreat amount of work to believe that those stories are not true and what I make of the world is up to me. I needed to step in, take control, allowing what I want and let go of people and things that had no additional value to my life. This taught me to live life on my terms.

As ahealth and life coach, I launched my services, I felt it my duty to offermy services to others who need help coping, both, emotionally and mentally especially with this pandemic we have all felt.

It is important to do what you love to do, but in the process you should not neglect yourself. You should take better care of yourself and not lose yourself in the process. Keeping a healthy lifestyle meansan alignment balance in mental, emotional and physicalmind-set.


Seychelles NATION: What type of programmes do you offer?

Marsha Parcou:I develop my own programmes and the first one is “the star programme” which is based on our inner light that has been dimmed by issues around us. I focus especially on women, from different walks of life emphasising on a healthy well balanced life, based on my own personal experience as a career-driven person.

The star programme is for six weeks and it focuses on self-love and care, acceptance, forgiveness, letting go, developing healthy habits and routines for positivity also dealing with self-procrastination. A good example is the Covid-19 that has developed in a pandemic. Once you accept the new way of life, you have better ways of coping and managing it. For example, you cannot undertake a fitness regime, without paying attention to your eating habits and keeping tabs on your mental health. The first six weeks programme cost R3,900 for the package; R650 for one session and the overall benefit after you have completed any six-week programme is that you get a loyalty card, becoming a life-long member of Fasinasyonwith a 20% discount on any other programme and selected Fasinasyon products.


Seychelles NATION:How do you implement and practice with your own family life?

Marsha Parcou:I take care of my family on a day-to-day basis. I balance my work and find time for myself also. I see the results and this also benefits my family. This is what I am bringing in my coaching programme to the individuals and their families also, namely the positive eating habits that benefit the family as a whole.


Seychelles NATION: Is this programme only set out for women?

Marsha Parcou:At first it was more targeted at women, however with the new entrepreneurship programme I am getting requests from men as well and I am very happy. My purpose and value is to impact, lead and serve. I want to be impactful for you to become a better version of yourself ‒this is what it is all about.

Before I start any programme, the client and I have an initial ice breaker session to set the foundation and see if we can work together and relate. Then, together, we will be able to see if I am the right coach to help them achieve their goals with accountability.


Seychelles NATION:Other than coaching what else do you have to offer?

Marsha Parcou:My programme has two sides; the coaching and the beauty side. I have developed my own beauty products called Fasinasyon entailing body wash and scrubs and otherswhich make up the balanceof lifestyle care. This service packaged together, is quite new and unique. The other side of the coin of a coach for you to achieve certain goals setting to achievable action oriented plans. Fasinasyonis the Creole word for ‘fascination’. I believe that every person should become fascinated with the way they work, and through this, properly understand the ways in which they can nurture, cherish and accept who they are through self-care and self-love.At a time when the world shifts its focus to wellness and ethical beauty, Fasinasyon promotes a healthy and holistic approach to managing and developing our relationship with our body, mindand soul.

Fasinasyonwas born from a very personal place. I used to let the pressure of running my businesses, maintaining my family and keeping up appearances get in the way of my growth to greatness. Now, the things that used to challenge me only push me further.


Seychelles NATION: With the Covid-19 pandemic many people especially woman are finding themselves in hard places, what is your message to them?


Marsha Parcou:My message to these ladies is to accept the situations around you, do not fight the situation. The more you fight or resist it leads to anxiety, depressions and negativity. The best way to start is to be positive, think positive and take one day at a time, reach out to people who can help you, like me. Thatis what I do.


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