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Fin des 10èmes Jeux des îles de l’Océan Indien – Nos lecteurs disent : |29 July 2019

« Nous pensons que nos athlètes seront plus motivés après ces Jeux »


Pour cette 10ème édition des Jeux des îles de l’Océan Indien, nos lecteurs nous ont bien soutenu et ont apprécié notre édition journalier ‘Krwar e Reisir’ avec les dernières nouvelles des Jeux ainsi que des belles photos.

Nous avons commencé notre édition ‘Krwar e Reisir’ avec un micro-trottoir et nous terminons notre édition avec un autre avec nos fidèles lecteurs.


Savita Parekh: “I lost my voice completely supporting on TV. I think they did amazingly well. I personally feel the athletes will be more inspired to do better for the next Games after all these performances.I feel sports in general unite us as a Nation and it makes a difference. I never watched sports before but after thes Game I feel I would like to be more involved to know what’s going on in the sports world of Seychelles. Thank you SBC for making it possible for us to follow the games.”

Savita Parekh


Jerry Sinon: « Ces Jeux ont été une belle fête sportive. Mais on a aussi vu que c'était un défi politique pour les différents pays. Côté organisation, il y a parfois manqué de l'huile dans les rouages. Mais la fête du sport a été belle et c'est ça l'essentiel.

« Un très beau souvenir, notamment avec les confrères journalistes sur le plateau du magazine des Jeux de l'ARTOI. C'est un souvenir ému quand je repense à nos échanges avec les autres collègues de l'ARTOI.

« Le moment le plus fort pour moi, c'était d'assister aux matchs et faire l'analyse en direct. C'était aussi la première fois que je commente sur des matchs en live. Expérience enrichissante et des belles rencontres !!  »

Jerry Sinon couvrant les événements à Maurice



Geneviève André : « Les JIOI! Quelle expérience inoubliable! Le sport est véritablement un élément unificateur pour toute une nation. Je suis une Seychelloise ultra fière des accomplissements de tous les sportifs seychellois durant ces Jeux. Nous avons vécu des moments de bonheur avec les médailles recueillies et nous avons aussi encouragé les moins fortunés. Je ne peux pas nier que je n'étais pas déçue et furieuse avec les décisions injustes par certain arbitrage.  Heureusement, les Seychelloises ont souligné leur force et supériorité dans la finale de volley-ball qui nous a mis sur 'a roller-coaster ride', assez pour nous faire perdre le souffle. Bravo aux garçons de volleyball qui nous ont surpris avec la médaille de bronze. Nous en sommes très fiers. La natation nous a mis sur la bonne voie dès le coup d'envoi avec une équipe déterminée qui a raflé des médailles précieuses. Chapeau aux sportifs de l'haltérophilie, l'athlétisme, la boxe! Bravo à toutes les équipes! Ale Sesel! Tilelele! Tilelele! Ale, Ale! SESEL, MON SESEL! SI PA OU LEKEL! »

Genevieve André


Mifa Charles: “I'm so, so happy. Seychelles team made us proud. Hard work pays off and those who trained hard harvested surprising results. Surely, there is room for improvement. A great squad for the coming 11th IOIG. Bravo bravo. Mil mersi bann medya. Pa zwe oubliy George François????????”

Mifa Charles


Clifford Legras: “This year's IOIG had its moments of suspense, excitement and disappointment on our side. To have golden girl Felicity Passon come and emulate the feat of one of our past swimming  legends in the person of Shrone Austin was outstanding achievement and we cannot but heap praise on her as she enters our history books as one of our most important performers ever. 

“The country's other remarkable achievement was the sheer determination and resilience of our women's volleyball team, bouncing back from two sets down to edge out Madagascar 3-2 to clinch the gold medal.. This talented group really became the darlings of the country's ardent supporters as they laboured to outgun their opponents and send a warning that they will not relinquish their title anytime soon.

Other highlights were no doubt the bronze medal brought home by the young men's volley ballers who showed promise for the future and the likes of Clementine Agricole, Steven Baccus, Romentha Larue and Natasha Chetty excelled in their respective events to do the country proud.

“However, there were disappointments in football, basketball, badminton, table tennis, cycling, judo and boxing .Whisperings in the air give the impression that some of our sportsmen and women were not happy before leaving for the Games because of differences with their respective federations and this they say could affect their performance.

“It’s high time that relevant authorities look at these disagreements closely and take necessary actions to remedy the situations and give Seychelles better chances in future Games and other international competitions.

“This time around several key players and athletes have retired and it opened the way for new and inexperienced performers to go into action and it will take time for them to adjust themselves and put our country back to the top.

“I recommend that some time is given to reflection and brainstorming and action so that Seychelles is galvanised and brought back to the glory days where we were kings of the IOIG especially in boxing and a force to be reckoned with in other sports…I wish our athletes well in their future endeavours...”

Clifford Legras


Davis André: “To start off, I would like to say a “Big Thank You” to Mauritius and the organising committee for organising the IOIG. From what I have heard and seen in general the ambiance was quite good.

“I would also like to take this opportunity to congratulate Mauritius for winning the Games, with so many gold medals, they must really be a proud nation.

“For us Seychellois, the result was more or less satisfactory. We have managed to clinch quite a few medals in the various disciplines, especially in swimming where Felicity (Passon) made the Seychelles flag fly very high with her seven gold medals.

“The handisports athletes also made us proud with their achievements as they held the national flag with such pride and respect. I wish to congratulate everyone for their participation and achievements.

“For sure we thank the Seychelles volleyball teams, the ladies for winning the gold medal and men for the bronze medal. They made us proud as a nation.

“The downside was the team events, whereby many Seychellois were disappointed as we could not make it to the finals for most of team events. This is also an indication that the level of teams has improved. Nevertheless, there is room for improvement. We will definitely need to improve on our performance in order to perform better in the next IOIG in Maldives in 2023. 

“As reported by the different media houses there have been a few challenges. However, as a nation we should not look at these shortcomings, but rather let us come together to look forward towards a brighter future for our athletes and our future generation.

“Besides the sports events, the highlights of the games was also the cultural exchange which was fascinating and energetic as the youths of the different participating countries expressed themselves artistically and exchanged the cultural intrigues of their countries.

Finally the IOIG provides s great opportunity for all the people of the Indian Ocean to come together as one family, as flowers of one garden and celebrate the cause of unity in sport and culture.”

Davis André



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