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ISS shines in video contest on biodiversity   |14 May 2021

ISS shines in video contest on biodiversity   

The Trust for Sustainable Living (TSL) launched a Sustainability challenge video competition this year and students of all ages and learners around the world were to send a short video message on biodiversity.

In the competition an International School (ISS) student from Year 3, Janavi Andrea Viswanathan, was the winner of the Primary section with her video ‘The Impact of Deforestation on Biodiversity’ and Yan Luc Morel, Year 8 student, was a finalist who received an honourable mention for his video on ‘Sustainability’.

“As this was an international competition this is a great achievement for them both,” a spokesperson for the school said.

Their videos can be viewed on the TSL website under sustainability challenge 2021.

Students at ISS also achieved great results in the Trust for Sustainable International Essay competition.  The subject was ‘Protecting Biodiversity’  and Noela Betty Namukose, Year 4 pupil, and Darnell Vincent, Year 6, are both named as finalists along with other students in Seychelles.

Noela Betty Namukose is one of the primary students who has been chosen to represent Seychelles in the upcoming International Schools debates which will take place in July this year.

In the Secondary section Vanshika Parikh, Year 10, who won last year’s competition was chosen as a finalist and received an honourable mention.

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