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Association for the blind and visually impaired gets donations |06 May 2021

Association for the blind and visually impaired gets donations

A souvenir photograph during the handover of the gifts

Charitable organisations such as the Seychelles Association for the Blind and Visually-Impaired (SABVI) are always looking for donations to help them carry out their activities.

It was with a lot of gratitude therefore that SABVI met at Espace Building with the Indian Association of Seychelles and the Seychelles Rising Lions Club to receive a most welcome lot of gifts on Wednesday April 28, 2021.  The gifts comprised cloth masks and plastic shields, special balls for the blind and some medical equipment. 
The Indian Association provided the masks, shields and medical equipment while the balls were donated by the Seychelles Rising Lions Club.

The Indian Association of Seychelles was represented by its chairman Jamshed Pardiwala, Vijay Pandya (treasurer), Deepak Babu (executive board member), Arup Das (executive board member) while the Seychelles Rising Lions Club was represented by Ln. Deepak Babu (club president) and  Ln. Jai Karan Babu (club administrator). 

Both organisations have been very supportive of the Seychelles community in the past and, as Mr Pardiwalla pointed out in his speech, “... We are always ready to help the most vulnerable groups of society”.

He went on to say that SABVI could always count on their support.

Brigitte Lablache, chairperson of SABVI, graciously accepted the donations and said that they came at a very opportune moment and that they would be put to good use.

Other SABVI members present were Marianne Duprès and Nan Lionnet.

SABVI was founded with the idea of making a difference in the lives of the visually-impaired community but cannot do it without the support of the community at large.  If you would like to donate to SABVI, these are the association's contact details:  

Mobile no.: 2603040

Email address:




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