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STB unveils ParrAPI, a new tourism digital platform |14 April 2021

STB unveils ParrAPI, a new tourism digital platform

The launch ceremony (Photo: Joena Meme)

Guiding the industry into the digital age, the Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) has launched a new tourism digital platform named ‘ParrAPI’.

ParrAPI, which was officially launched on Monday this week at the STB’s Mont Fleuri head office, will help tourism operators across 12 categories to extend their exposure and ultimately attract more business online with cost-effective digital marketing.

With its name and logo inspired by the endemic black parrot, ParrAPI provides an innovative and effective solution to collect, check and share tourism information online.

Chairing the launch was the chief executive of the STB, Sherin Francis, who gave a presentation about the ParrAPI platform and how the entire tourism will reap the benefits of this new venture.

At the head of the project was STB’s digital marketing team, who has been working on the ParrAPI platform since 2019.

The digital marketing director, Chris Matombe, present at the launch, emphasised the platform's significance, stating, “With the introduction of ParrAPI, STB will be in a better position to support and assist the Seychelles tourism industry with their digital marketing. ParrAPI provides us with a more efficient approach to managing large amounts of listings and we can now feature more businesses on our customer platforms”.

During her presentation, Mrs Francis also explained that the data provided by the operators themselves is quality assured and approved by STB, and can be shared with online distributors who promote Seychelles’ tourism products and services across the globe. ParrAPI ensures that data is kept up to date, providing visitors with adequate information to plan their itinerary ahead of time.

“Having generous tourism industry operators data in multiple languages with amazing content such as images and videos, up to date at all time, in one central location was one of our challenges and we were determined to find a solution for that. ParrAPI is an efficient way of bringing the destination together on one stage and hopefully allow visitors to gather maximum information in one go and convert the booking instantly. The platform will give enhanced digital exposure and visibility to all tourism operators listed in there, provided they are committed to working with us,” said Mrs Francis.

Mrs Francis conveyed her sincere thanks and appreciation to the team who worked on the project, applauding their determination to make this project a success.

Among the tourism service providers who will benefit from ParrAPI are accommodations, attractions, events, operators, food and drink providers, general services, hires, tours, and transports.

Revolutionising the industry, ParrAPI will place tourism industry players closer to their target audiences and tap into new markets through substantial digital presence.


Press release from STB news bureau

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