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Parliamentarians make prison inmate’s wish come true |31 March 2021

Parliamentarians make prison inmate’s wish come true

Meeting opportunity between the MNAs and prison management

It was on March 19, 2021 – a day after the birthday of inmate Joseph Esparon, who for 38 years has been in prison – that many in Seychelles came to know of ‘Joe Cocker’. This, after the prison service posted a meeting of the inmate and the Superintendent of Prisons. Joe’s wish at that meeting was to receive his own guitar.

Reacting positively, several private citizens came forward donating at least two guitars for Joe to use. Joe’s wish as well came to the attention of Honourable Member of the Seychelles National Assembly, Naddy Zialor, who contacted the prison service management so he could organise for the handover of a guitar as well as a few gift items to Joe.

On Monday this week, Hon. Zialor accompanied by Hon. Kelly Samynadin and Hon. Georges Romain, took time off from their busy schedule at the assembly to deliver the gifts that had been promised – a basket of approved goodies and a guitar.

In a brief handover ceremony at the meeting room of the prison headquarters, the honourable members met with ‘Joe’ and supporting staff to wish him again a happy birthday and to hand over the items, much to the delight of the inmate.

“Today is a good day and we thank everyone following our social media posts for the support and gifts given to inmate Joe Esparon. Joe continues to be in residence with us serving a sentence, which at this time has registered 38 years. The work we are doing is very important. Rehabilitation is important, as is the need of aftercare of inmates who may one day after long sentences have the possibility of being released. We need to ensure that this is addressed properly and well understood,” Superintendent of Prisons, Raymond St Ange, said.

The visit of the members of the Seychelles National Assembly as well provided an opportunity for the Supt. St Ange to update them on the work of the prison with regard to long serving ageing inmates and those on life sentences.


Press release from the Seychelles Prison Service

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