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BBC shares the ‘Senses of the Seychelles’ |20 February 2021

BBC shares the ‘Senses of the Seychelles’

The Seychelles Tourism Board (STB) teamed up with BBC Travel for their third consecutive online campaign, this time themed as ‘Senses of the Seychelles’ to showcase the destination’s treasures to audiences worldwide.
During the year, BBC Travel audiences will be able to immerse in the beauty of the islands and its hidden gems waiting to be unearthed. The campaign looks to connect with travellers, presenting them with another side of Seychelles, beyond its beautiful sandy beaches.
The latest campaign follows the previous ‘Secrets of the Seychelles’ campaign, allowing audiences to follow a series of 30 seconds postcard videos dubbed ‘A love letter to the Seychelles’, where they will see the islands through the eyes of several locals sharing their passionate testimonials.
Seychellois, including conservationist Said Harryba, renowned local artist George Camille and ceramicist Zara Albert shared their intimate connection to the islands, engaging with audiences longing to fulfil their travel desires.
Additionally, the campaign seeks to educate the global population about what makes up the Seychelles Islands, including articles illustrating its culture, heritage, art, nature, marine life and conservation efforts.
Currently active, the campaign will run until December 31, 2021, on BBC Global News, which has 450 million total global distribution in over 200 countries and territories and will remain on the BBC website, which has 151 million unique browsers, as well as their social media pages. BBC global audiences are found within the destination’s core markets, giving the paradise exposure to potential visitors.
True to its warm creole hospitality, Seychelles welcomes travellers of all background to explore Seychelles off-the-beaten-path and discover the beauty of island living through the campaign at a time when many are longing for an escape.


Press release from STB News Bureau

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