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GPC Seychelles Ltd. signs protection-contracts in Kinshasa |01 February 2021

GPC Seychelles Ltd. signs protection-contracts in Kinshasa

(L to r) Sven Hofhansl, GPC director operation; General Major Honoraire Ekuthsu Wanzanga Michel; Dominik Winterfeld-Gern, GPC director outreach

Global Consultancy Seychelles Ltd. was honoured to follow an invitation from the government of the Democratic Republic of Congo (DR Congo) to discuss security issues for foreign Investment in the Republic. The meetings were held with high ranked officials from government and army in the capital Kinshasa.

“The DR Congo holds a third of the known cobalt reserves, 10% of the copper and 80% of the Coltan reserves. Many of these natural resources play a major role in the technology of mobile phones, computers and the ever increasing demand for e-mobility. Another raw material of the DR Congo, gold, flows into the vaults of governments and institutional investors, especially in times of crisis as protection against inflation, global economic crises or as a back up for other riskier investments. As in other African countries, the issue of security is increasingly determining the strategy of foreign Investors,” we were told by Michael Schwarz, GPC director business development, in an interview.

The associated company to GPC Ltd., ‘Golden Times’ from Germany which operates in the Gold-business, negotiated in Kinshasa the possibilities of mining gold as well. Dominik Winterfeld-Gern from Germany, the representative of ‘Golden Times’ and director outreach of GPC Ltd., received far-reaching concessions by the government in order to begin mining gold. ‘Golden Times’ will strictly work under the international guidelines of “green mines”, which ensure social- and environment-friendly mining. ‘Golden Times’ is currently looking into the possibility of setting up a parting work facility in the Seychelles in which dirt particles are removed from the gold after its arrival and before it is exported to the recipient countries. This is done through various sustainable processes prior to the gold is poured into bars. A general discussion on the set up of such company was held already with SIB (Seychelles Investment Bureau).The team was supported in Kinshasa by Serge Menger from Berlin / Germany who operates with Menger Industries, a technical consulting firm in the field of mining, transport, education and farming in the DR Congo.Mr Schwarz stated : “Thanks to our directors Sven and Dominik we are proud and graceful that GPC Seychelles Ltd. was contractually guaranteed far-reaching powers to operate in the DR Congo. This includes the protection of mines, the associated transport to the recipient country by cars and chartered aircraft, the import of all necessary hardware, immunity of employees when on mission in the DR Congo and more. The training of the military and police forces of the DR Congo including their special units will also be carried out by GPC Seychelles Ltd. in the future.” “Our special thanks goes to our team which did an outstanding job for the last 2 weeks and to the officials of the DR Congo for the warm welcome and constructive meetings,” he continued.After working out the Protection Strategy which includes the environmental security analysis, the calculation of staff needed as well as the kind and number of hardware to be imported, GPC Seychelles Ltd will start the mission in DR Congo.

GPC Ltd. is an international protection and security firm located in Seychelles with its directors Michael Schwarz (business development), Sven Hofhansl (operation), Dominik Winterfeld-Gern (outreach) and Tom Skaar (mission). The company is worldwide specialised in the protection of considerable investments, transport protection, close protection of politicians and VVIP’s, maritime security, cyber security, advanced training of military and police forces, engineering and the ongoing research on global threats by terrorists and paramilitary organisations. The operative staff members of GPC Ltd. are highly trained men and women recruited from international special police and army forces like KSK Germany, Navy Seals US, OZ-Brigades Israel and others. GPC Ltd. Seychelles maintains branches in Germany and Norway. The company recently established a 1st branch on the African continent in Kinshasa/ Democratic Republic of Congo.

All meetings had been attended by Sven Hofhansl (GPC director operation), Dominik Winterfeld-Gern (GPC director outreach) and Serge Menger (CEO Menger Industries).


Press release from GPC Seychelles Ltd

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