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Beauty: Local advocates of natural skincare reveal steps of a unique concept they’re favouring this year |30 January 2021

Beauty:     Local advocates of natural skincare reveal steps of a unique concept they’re favouring this year

‘Skinimalism’ – a new skincare term is set to become popular across the globe over the course of this year, due to the increased amount of time we’re spending at home. This has led to people using less makeup and having more time to invest in a good skincare regime at home.

Skinimalism is about skin health; simpler skincare routines; learning to embrace our natural skin tone and texture; using simpler ways and more natural / home made products like aloe vera face masks to care for and enhance our skin; using minimal, natural makeup; as well as focusing on having natural, soft and dewy skin.

Speaking to some locals who advocate the importance of a natural skincare regime, we learned 5 basic steps that form part of their unique, but favourite daily practice of Skinimalism: Face Yoga.

People across the world are increasingly trying to achieve glowing, plump and firm skin through exercises that target the facial muscles by improving circulation and breaking up facial tension.

Photo source: Forest Essentials


Below, we share the 5 basic steps of their daily Face Yoga routine:

  1. To ease tension in the forehead area and increase the natural plumping agents: Place all the fingers of both your hands in the middle of your forehead and gently sweep the fingers outwards towards your temples. Repeat this two more times, ensuring not to drag the skin.


  1. To help reduce wrinkles on outer edges of eyes and under the eyes: Place your two middle fingers between your eyebrows and the index fingers at the outer edges of the eyes. Look upwards towards the ceiling and squint with your lower eyelids, aiming for small shakes/pulses at the outer corners of the eyes. Keep your fingers in the same place, close the eyelids and keep squinting and shaking. Repeat this entire sequence twice more. While your eyelids are still closed, take a deep breath in and out to complete.


  1. To lift and tone the upper eyelids and to reduce / prevent lines and hollows under the eyes: Place both index fingers horizontally under the eyes, make an ‘O’ shape with the lips while hiding the teeth so turning the lips slightly inwards, look up towards the ceiling and flutter the upper eyelids for about 30 seconds.


  1. To prevent and reduce lines between the nose and mouth, to lift the cheeks, chin and neck area: Make an ‘O’ shape with your lips while hiding your teeth again, then make a smile shape, still hiding the teeth, and repeat this sequence about 5 times. Then, hold the smile shape, still hiding the teeth, place one index finger onto your chin, slowly tilt the head backwards as far as you can, while at the same time continuously tapping your upper and lower lips together. Do this again while bringing your head back down and repeat once more.



Photo source: Unreserved


  1. To lift and tone the neck muscles, and the area underneath the jaw: Place all fingers underneath the neck, gently tilt the head backwards as you stroke the fingers downwards along the neck, all the way to the collarbones. Repeat this again. Then keep your fingers on your collarbones while you stick out your lower lip and hold this for about 10 seconds.






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