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2021 home décor trends that Seychellois will love, according to our new local interior designer |19 January 2021

2021 home décor trends that Seychellois will love, according to our new local interior designer

Fresh and exciting home décor trends appear in the design space every new year and in light of this, Seychelles NATION spoke to Gaelle Dubignon about the trends that our local market will embrace in the coming year.

Ms Dubignon recently completed a degree in Interior Design, in collaboration with Sheffield Hallam University in Malaysia.



She tells us that she is currently searching for an internship in Kuala Lumpur before coming back to Seychelles to offer her services in interior, art and brand design. Her aim is to bring creative and functional design solutions that work best for her clients. Her strengths as an interior designer include residential, retail and commercial design.

Last month, Ms Dubignon released her personal brand ‘Lakaz’ where she shares her work and networks with other designers and creatives. 



When she returns to Seychelles, she explains that she would like to play a more proactive role in the art scene and help younger students prepare for their studies, by hosting various workshops and introduction classes to programmes that could benefit them in their professional lives. She is also very keen on working with local artists by showcasing their works in her 3D mock-ups, in hopes of encouraging Seychellois people to invest in their works.


Natural materials

Natural materials such as light toned wood, ceramics, bamboo and live plants will become more popular within the household. A good idea would be to layer different natural materials to create a great sense of texture and depth in a space. However, using natural materials does not mean that you cannot play around with colours too! Accessorising with bright throw pillows or rugs made from organic fibres or homemade artworks, can help add the perfect pop of colour in the right places.


Sustainable décor & furnishing

Over the years an increased focus on sustainability has influenced many companies and designers, and how we choose to furnish and decorate our homes. A shift from buying lower quality furniture to investing in higher quality pieces that can be kept and refurbished for years. Another positive change is that more individuals are purchasing artwork or décor pieces from local artists. These changes help consumers feel better about their contribution to the environment and support local.


Embracing indoor/outdoor living

Indoor/outdoor living spaces are effective ways of expanding living spaces without having the burden of investing in excessive remodelling. Due to their versatility as multi-purpose spaces, users can entertain and enjoy the indoors and outdoors without feeling limited in their area. Living in the Seychelles means that we have good weather all year round, so instead of using small windows, consider tall sliding or shutter doors that will not only open up your space, but also bring in an abundance of natural light into your homes.


Indoor/Outdoor living (Google images)



Minimalism goes beyond ‘styling & look’ but is really a way of life. However, for the family or individual who lives a busy and hectic life, having a place that is clean and natural can be very beneficial for their state of mind. A typical minimalist design goes hand in hand with the concept of less is more. By doing so, items chosen for the space are timeless and simply made with most of the focus on tactility and material use. Inspiration for a minimalist home can be drawn from natural materials, raw woods and soft earthy tones found in nature.


For more information about Gaelle Dubignon and her works, visit the links below:





Residential project: Coral room

A natural wonder bought to life in simplicity and elegance, with the tone of the room as soft as the pink sands of Pantai Merah, the mood and setting of the room as peaceful to the mind as the beach. Coral room brings a small piece of Indonesia to you!


Residential project: Olive Garden room

Residential project: Olive Garden room

A warm setting; Olive Garden room filled with comfort and gentle colours which are kind to the eyes. The botanical rooms decor blends everything perfectly together. A real gem for the nature lovers!



Photo and image sources: Gaelle Dubignon


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