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Swimming Aquafins honour best performers of the year |16 January 2021

Swimming  Aquafins honour best performers of the year

Despite the hardship and a disappointing 2020 sporting season due to the ongoing coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, the Aquafins Swimming Club has commended the effort and devotion of its athletes and rewarded them for their hard work.

The club recently hosted an award ceremony to reward its best swimmers for the year 2020, as well as those who have shown improvement and better their performances during the season.

During the ceremony which took place at the Harbour Light Café at the Espace building, the young swimmers were rewarded based on various criteria, including attendance for training, behaviour towards training, teammates, club’s rules and regulations, performance in training, competitions, and other activities organised by the club.

There were awards for swimmers in age group categories based on accumulated points in a ‘Series Competition’ organised by the club.

These include rewards for best male and female swimmers of the year per category, most improved male and female swimmers of the year, best male and female overall athletes of the year and the outstanding performance by handisports athletes.

The biggest honours went to Dorianne Bristol (best female swimmer of the year), Lihandro Pierre (best male swimmer of the year) and Fredrick Gappy (best handisports swimmer of the year).

Bristol won the top prize following her exploit at the Mauritius National Age Group Championship at the Pavillion Swimming pool at Quatre Bornes where she won a silver and three bronze medals, while Pierre won a gold and a bronze medal at the same competition.

On his part, handisports swimmer Gappy won two gold medals at the same Mauritius National Age Group Championship.

Set up nearly four years ago, the Aquafins Swimming Club has over 100 members, including parents, along with eight executive members with Daniel Bristol serving as chairman and he is in his second mandate.

Other than providing a service to help individuals to learn to swim, the club’s other aims are to provide opportunities for individuals to learn new skills in life and prevent them to be absorbed by bad influences, and also to build swimmers for competitive level, with the hope of having one swimmer at the Olympics, or World Championships.

The accompanying photos show the young swimmers receiving the prizes.


The following are the best performers in each category

Most improved swimmers of the year: Dino Fanny (male), Alizya Sonon (female)

Best female swimmer 8 years and under: 1. Amanie William Fondomiere, 2. Aaliyah Labiche, 3. Larah Suzette

Best female swimmers 9-10 years: 1. Keira Berlouis, 2. Elisha Moustache, 3. Chloe Leon

Best female swimmer 11-12 years: 1. Dorianne Bristol, 2. Nael Barreau, 3. Alicia Low-Hong

Best female swimmer 13- 14 years: 1. Tamera Apassamy, 2. Lannah Constance, 3. Donyelle Mancienne

Best female swimmer 15 years and over: 1. Fumanikile Lungu

Best male swimmer 9 years and under: 1. Tyron Marie, 2. Sandro Agnes, 3. Dylan Ernest

Best male swimmer 10-11 years: 1. Dwight Bamboche, 2. Daqurenn Servina, 3. Nicardo Rose

Best male swimmer 12-13 years: 1. Lihandro Pierre, 2. Kian Rosalie, 3. Asher Benoit

Best male swimmer 14-15 years: 1. Amos Ferley, 2. Fedrick Gappy, 3. Adrian Antoine

Best male swimmer 16 years and above: 1. Daniel Ferley, 2. Dino Fanny, 3. Aneel Banane



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