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Designated Minister Ferrari continues with familiarisation visits |07 December 2020

Designated Minister Ferrari continues with familiarisation visits

Designated Minister Jean-François Ferrari who has the portfolios for fisheries and the Blue economy, visited the districts of Roche Caïman, Anse Aux Pins and Cascade recently to get a firsthand view of the fishing development projects being implemented.

The minister was accompanied by a delegation from the Seychelles Fishing Authority (SFA) led by chief executive Nichol Elizabeth.

At Anse Aux Pins, the concept for the project has been approved in the same location where the existing market is. The development will include a new fish market, gear store, ice plant, cold store, slipway, pontoon area that will eventually be handed over to the Anse Aux Pins Fishermen Association when one is created. This crucial project that has been in the pipeline for seven years will provide essential facilities and services to the fishermen community at Anse Aux Pins.

Over the years, fishermen have complained that the area is not safe for loading and unloading especially during low and extremely high tides. This problem is aggravated by silt accumulation in the bay area and as a result, fishermen cannot berth large fishing vessels close to shore.

The Anse Aux Pins fishing development project is expected to begin early 2021.

At Cascade, the fishing development project is well underway to serve the district with possibly the highest number of fishermen on the island. The new jetty is already operational and the next phase of the project is to build other facilities such as a market. Currently, fishermen are selling their catch by the side of the road.

Minister Ferrari interacted with fishermen on site and they were mostly concerned with the level of hygiene in the area considering they do not have access to clean tap water to conduct their fishing activities properly.

Another concern raised by Cascade fishermen relates to public access to the jetty that creates a lot of congestion, especially during weekends when people use this site as a parking and drinking area.

SFA has said that once the project is completed only fishermen will have access to the area which will be managed by the Cascade Fishermen Association.

In the district of Roche Caïman, the minister and his delegation met with the fishermen association to discuss pertinent problems. The Roche Caïman Fishermen Association has a memorandum of understanding with Eden Island to support the fishermen community in that district.

However, the issue of vandalism and public access to the pontoon and fishing facilities was top on the agenda.

Designated Minister Ferrari has urged SFA and the Roche Caïman Fishermen Association to sit down with the Eden Island management and review their agreement and find ways to improve their partnership.

The accompanying photographs show highlights of Minister Ferrari’s visits to Anse Aux Pins, Cascade and Roche Caiman.


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